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Warehouse happenings

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

And so here I am!

I thought it was about time to share some happenings that have been keeping me busy of late & I’ve been busy!

One of my current projects is a pretty cool warehouse conversion. I  cant wait to show you more of that, but for now we will make do with some pictures taken mostly on my phone  for now.

(Psst – I think its long been established that I am a terrible photographer- look past the blurs people!)

I was so excited when this wallpaper was installed on site. Look closely.

This is in the master bedroom! Oh yes!

This is a snippet of the powder room upstairs. I think the tap is super sexy. but so is the basin. And the tiles!

This is the ensuite down stairs.  As you can clearly tell by this picture – its not finished, nor was it styled!! But I couldn’t not share! The stone bath, mosaic tiles & custom coloured tap ware – its a pretty special place to be!

Upstairs its all happening too!

We’ve got some pressed metal action in the ceiling & one the facing which makes me happy to look at! And the up-stand (which I was so excited about seeing out of my head that I had a ‘moment’ when it was installed!)  is a huge piece of reclaimed timber that was previously used as part of the near by Princess Pier. Its so chunky & delicious. Yes, I am saying that a giant chunky piece of wood is delicious!  Actually when I was first discussing this with my brilliant cabinet maker, he made a note that ‘it had to be the dream piece of wood’! He was taking the piss ofcourse – but as long as I got my point across Im happy!! & he delivered!

This just gives another view of the up-stand. I loves it hard.

In the living room we are waiting on some new furniture still, but this will give you a small idea of whats going on over there. And yep, that pole there is what you are thinking!

Its a house with a lot of character & been so excellent to work on! Still a fair bit to happen before its all done – but i just couldnt wait to share some of what has been chocking up my brain space of late!

I will also be sharing soon some other projects – very polar oposite to this one that have been keeping me busy!



Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

And so this happened:

As found in the March 2012 issue of Home Beautiful Magazine .


I’ll admit it: I cant help but do a little happy dance and squeal with excitement when I see my name & work in glossy print!

Thank you HB for featuring my project and a HUGE thank you to my very lovely client for opening her home and allowing this to happen! I wont name you – but I know you silently lurk around this blog!


The year of the dragon

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Day 1 of the year of the dragon. Seems appropriate to post some eye candy  pictures of dragons used in interiors.

Obvious really!

Osborne & Littles‘ ‘Chinese Dragon’  is one of my favourite of all time wallpapers. I’d love to use it in a project (who be the brave?!)

Camilla Molders Design

and moving on…

When I was a kid I would’ve flipped out over this wallpaper by Paper Boy (so  excellently titled ‘ere be dragons‘ ) and would’ve loved having this on my bedroom walls.

Instead I had bright red wallpaper with little white flowers all over it. It went so beautifully with my lime green curtains.  Picture all the furniture painted lovingly by my mumma in gloss bright red and a white flokati on the floor to complete the look.  Clearly it was the 1970′s.

hmm…its no wonder as a grown up  I am super stimulated by colour!

Camilla Molders Design


And of course  Schumacher make an appearance with their very well loved wallpaper Chang Mai.

Its pretty. But I don’t want to live with it!

Camilla Molders Design


According to Chinese horoscopes the year of the dragon is extra special and believed to bring success and happiness.

So I say welcome in dragon! Last year was a very sucky personal one for me and I’m happy to be done with it.

This year is already off to quite an amazing start and the opportunities that have already presented themselves are enough to make me fall off my chair! So welcome dragon & stay a while. I’m happy to make up the spare room for you!

Just beastly.

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

The other day I had quite a beast of a day!

I went and heard the Paul Simmons co founder & creative whizz of wallpaper & fabric fabulousness Timorous Beasties talk – not once, but twice!

Lucky for me he is a great speaker full of interesting stories (told in a fabulous Scottish accent!), gorgeous goodies to show and not even too bad on the eye!!

I first heard him in the morning talk at a seminar at a trade show that was in town where he talked about the ‘evolution of textiles’ – a subject I could listen to for days and weeks as its totally my thing!

One story, which sadly I don’t have any visuals to back me up (so just use your imagination please!) was about a toile from the 1770′s. (for those not in the know, a toile is a fabric depicting a scene or story – usually in one colour….this is what wikipedia say!) It featured a young woman and a man having a chat, then in toile fashion as the pictures go on-the story evolves and in this case the is man getting a little tooo frisky and forcefully with the young innocent lady, and then as it goes… the young women is left destitute on the street with a baby. Ah, history in pictures! (and ladies you be warned!!!)

Historically, toiles clearly weren’t too shy about showing the macabre sides of life, unlike now where they generally are all about the pretty and fluff!

So after a really interesting morning talk, I then heard him again at a suppliers ‘doo’ in the evening -oh, but I wasn’t stalking him or nothin!! Again some more stories and a good look at the fabrics and papers from his ranges. I had a wee chat with him, but possibly surprising to those who know me –  I get all shy and don’t know what to say- so I don’t get to dazzle him with MY fabulousness!?!! Instead a few of my ‘design friend gang’ downed the champers and giggled in the corner until heading to the pub near by to do more of said giggling and champers downing!!!

Anyway – onto the visuals……following are some of the designs of Timourous Beasties:

Oh, isn’t this a pretty little bar scene. I can totally see Nana Beryl or Auntie Val pouring an afternoons secret shandy in here.

Hang on… Just what is going on on that wall….lets look a little closer:

On closer inspection this toile shows modern London:  kids drinking in the park, someone getting mugged at gun point. Does Nana Beryl even know?!!!

Moving on….Oh, isn’t this lovely. a cute orchid print wallpaper in this cute restaurant.  Lets order shall we…I have decided this restaurant is of Asian influence, so I will have spring rolls for starters, then some other kinda yummy after that.

Um hang on, what is that blur in the background? I think I need to look into this wallpaper a little further too….

Hmm, good thing I did or we would have missed the manga porn image behind the flower! Spit out that spring roll Nana- we are leaving!

While that bite digests and the scandals set in our stomachs, lets just move on to more TB eye candy:

And then finally this classic flocked damask wallpaper, where all I will say is the devil is in the detail!

(psst – not the paper I would choose for a kids room!!)

Well I think that’s about enough for now! So over & out from me for now! For more of the gorgeousness of Timorous Beasties click yourself onto here and enjoy!

Boudior make over sneak peak.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Not a very clever title is it! Eh, I’m tired! I’ts bed time!

So I’m back! Did you miss me? Um, did you even know I had gone?!!…

But yes, here I am, fresh from a mammoth house move and man, I have a lot of stuff – A LOT!

Did you know that lamp shades breed?

I kid you not! I seem to have a huge amount of lamp shades in ALL shapes and sizes!!

I will post some pics of the pad soon – complete with my fabulous Juju hat by the way! -Its SO fabulous! Even the fella cant disagree!

But rather than bore you with the dramas and saga’s that seem to go on and on, I thought I would share a quick-see sneak peak of a project that I have been working on. The wallpaper in the bedroom was installed today & I love it!

Still some finer and finishing ‘details’ to come, so as I said – its a sneak peak!

The hallway leading into the boudoir was also wallpapered using an Osbourne & Little number. Its a muddy chocolate with a hot pink pin stripe. Yum!

Sadly my photos don’t show up this so well, so you will just have to take my word for it!

Psst: This is a before shot of the bedroom!

Just as simple as that.

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I just love it. Its as simple as that!

Cole and Son

via Domino Mag

via Domino Mag

Via Walnut wallpaper & Design crisis

Via Walnut wallpaper & Design crisis

Via Point Click Home

Via Point Click Home

Living Etc

Living Etc

Steve Leung - via Studio Annetta

Steve Leung - via Studio Annetta

Living Etc

Living Etc

Living Etc

Living Etc

Via Eva Designs

Via Eva Designs

via Eva Designs

via Eva Designs

And I still want more!

None other than Cole and Son ‘Malabar’ wallpaper

Texture Junkie #2 – Wallpaper. yup, that is textured!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

So now is number 2 of my semi-regular ‘Texture Junkie’ posts. Today I am ALL about textured wallpaper.

Not patterned though… I’m talking plain, textured and lovely! I love it!

In my humble opinion, textured wallpaper adds a touch of soul to a room! Warms it up without screaming “Yo, check ME out, I’m all over this joint!”

Any way, without further adieu..

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Apartment Therapy

Andrew Suvalsky - via Desire to Inspire

Andrew Suvalsky - via Desire to Inspire

Shelly Riehl David -via Desire to Inspire

Shelly Riehl David -via Desire to Inspire

Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz - via Desire to Inspire

Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz - via Desire to Inspire

Burnham Design

Burnham Design

Jeff Andrews Design

Jeff Andrews Design

M Design Interiors LA

M Design Interiors LA

M Design Interiors LA - same as prev, but SUCH a gorgeous picture!

M Design Interiors LA - same as prev, but SUCH a gorgeous picture!

Kenneth Brown Design - via Desire to Inspire

Kenneth Brown Design - via Desire to Inspire

kitchen of TV show Brothers & Sisters -I love the show & LOVE Rachel Griffiths! -i have a little fanatsy of doing her house - her being a Melbourne Girl!!

Gorgeous kitchen of TV show 'Brothers & Sisters'

Just a little off topic! Only a small side step really!! Cause technically (just If you wanna get all picky on me!) – I DO still see gorgeous textured walls behind them!!! -’Them’ being the fabulous Rachel Griffiths & Sally Field from US TV show “Brothers & Sisters“.

Its a good show, I dig it! Interesting story – something for all really – romance, politics, death and betrayal!- but what I especially dig is the mamma’s house! and I mean lurve love!  Its quite fabulous really!

Sadly I couldn’t find any better photos to share and show you why its worthy of a mention.  Watch the show and you will see what I mean!


Ok, so now I’m going really off topic! I LOVE Rachel Griffiths! She won me over many many years ago when I was a young high school student, excited to not be in class and watching a travelling theatre group perform!

A few years later, I saw her again perform live as a rollerskating dog in a  Melbourne Theatre Company production “Sylvia”.  She had me for life after that!

Who wouldn’t love a rollerskating dog I gotta ask?!

Hmm…I wonder if she will ever move back to Melbourne town?!

Ok, slightly off topic!...Another pic from the set of Brothers & Sisters. Such a lovely house! It kinda hurts me that its not real!

Another pic from the set of Brothers & Sisters. Such a lovely house! It kinda hurts me that its not real!

Back on topic now! I want to hang out in each and every one of these spaces.

Yeah, TV set included!!… Wouldn’t be weird at all!!

Lost for words…

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

I am not a person who is often lost for words! But I am currently finding myself with a bit of word salad (thank you Boston legal!) after looking through the incredible hand painted fabrics and wallpaper’s of De Gournay

Just stunning…

Second Hand Rose

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

A friend of mine the lovely Miss V, recently told me about a company in NYC that specialises in original wallpapers including vintage & rare papers.

As i have a bit of a predisposition for hoarding of goodies! I can only imagine what fun I could get up to here! Hmm…Maybe I will think twice before visitng when next in NYC!

Below are some of the designs I wouldnt mind including in my collection of stuff!!

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose

I would get lost in here for hours!