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Warehouse happenings

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

And so here I am!

I thought it was about time to share some happenings that have been keeping me busy of late & I’ve been busy!

One of my current projects is a pretty cool warehouse conversion. I  cant wait to show you more of that, but for now we will make do with some pictures taken mostly on my phone  for now.

(Psst – I think its long been established that I am a terrible photographer- look past the blurs people!)

I was so excited when this wallpaper was installed on site. Look closely.

This is in the master bedroom! Oh yes!

This is a snippet of the powder room upstairs. I think the tap is super sexy. but so is the basin. And the tiles!

This is the ensuite down stairs.  As you can clearly tell by this picture – its not finished, nor was it styled!! But I couldn’t not share! The stone bath, mosaic tiles & custom coloured tap ware – its a pretty special place to be!

Upstairs its all happening too!

We’ve got some pressed metal action in the ceiling & one the facing which makes me happy to look at! And the up-stand (which I was so excited about seeing out of my head that I had a ‘moment’ when it was installed!)  is a huge piece of reclaimed timber that was previously used as part of the near by Princess Pier. Its so chunky & delicious. Yes, I am saying that a giant chunky piece of wood is delicious!  Actually when I was first discussing this with my brilliant cabinet maker, he made a note that ‘it had to be the dream piece of wood’! He was taking the piss ofcourse – but as long as I got my point across Im happy!! & he delivered!

This just gives another view of the up-stand. I loves it hard.

In the living room we are waiting on some new furniture still, but this will give you a small idea of whats going on over there. And yep, that pole there is what you are thinking!

Its a house with a lot of character & been so excellent to work on! Still a fair bit to happen before its all done – but i just couldnt wait to share some of what has been chocking up my brain space of late!

I will also be sharing soon some other projects – very polar oposite to this one that have been keeping me busy!


En-suite bathroom before & after

Thursday, July 28th, 2011


Camilla Molders Design

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently had some photographs taken of some recent projects.  I’m still in a caring sharing kinda mood, so thought I would share a before & after of a recent en-suite bathroom that I have done.  I had posted a sneak peak of this just after the tiling was done, so it may be a little familiar!

The before bathroom was in quite a state. The previous homeowner had done a lot of the renovations on the house himself -a master renovator he was not: the floor was about fall through, the twin basins shared a tap that barely reached either basin, and the overall design was haphazard.


Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Still before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

& now for the after…

My brief was to create an en-suite bathroom that was also a parents retreat -including a large bath and ahem, a throne, with ample storage for reading material!

I have also designed the kitchen in this house.  My clients love living with colour so we continued the kitchen colour theme by using the same bamboo cabinetry and solid chunky reclaimed iron-bark vanity top. (Side note: as it’s a parent’s en-suite and not a family bath, I was OK about using timber in here. The clients know about how to best upkeep timber and love it muchly, so we did!)

The tiles are the feature of the room & I think they are a bit special! (They are hand made here in Melbourne with a crackle glaze finish & so beautiful!) Originally I was going to lay them in a ‘designed random pattern’, but when I was laying them out, I fell in love with them as a subtle stripe.

Camilla Molders Design

Rather than sticking with the same floor plan as was, I swapped it around and put in a much larger window with the bath below and put the shower and throne on the other side of the room. The cabinetry is designed with hidden storage everywhere so all the panels open for ample storage. The centre nook is purely for a lil sumpin pretty to live in. Hand blown glass pieces do the trick!

Camilla Molders Design

Camilla Molders Design

The floor and shower walls were laid with a natural stone from Aeria Country floors . Natural stone is a long process to install, but so worth it with its subtle texture and natural beauty.

Camilla Molders Design


And that’s that! Bathroom renovation complete!

I’m working on another 3 bathrooms at the moment! All very very different to each other – this is just how I like it! I love a space that truly reflects the people who live in the space and I am proud to say that this bathroom certainly does reflect the lovely colourful characters who bathe there!!


On my travels…

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

On my sourcing travels this week I came across these brilliant tiles:

Above:ends of small of wood

& below sections of bamboo

Brilliant. Though admitedly their brilliance may be lost on you due to my crap photos. So just trust me?!

Now, who will let me use these in their house?