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The recent happenings

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

In my world, it is so exciting seeing things come to life that have been rattling around in my head for a while!

I  liken it to having babies all over town and I’m the surrogate. (Is that weird?! Did I just gross you out?!)

Moooooving on….

These are some of my recent project happenings:

This morning I finally got to see these delicious Patricia Urquiloa tiles that I was so excited to use, laid on the bathroom floor of a project I am working on.

I love them so much. SO SO much.

Also this morning in the same house we installed some gorgeous Roman blinds.

This is the best picture I took with my crappy camera, so you will just have to imagine, or take my word for it on how good they look!

psst: The sconce on the wall in real life isn’t as tiny as it appears to be in this picture!

Still a fair bit to get done on this house when time & budgets allow! (real life ruins all the best laid plans!) but its all coming along so beautifully.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of town:   This renovation project is really starting to take shape.


The en-suite bathroom is being slowly installed.

The tiles are also in a dark grey, but very different from those above!  just in case you sensed a theme!

I cant wait to see this done, I’m really excited about this design!


The paint colour has been confirmed  & after lots of tests my original choice was given the go ahead – phew!!

So now you have an insight into some of my current ‘babies’!

One life lesson I had to learn early on in my career – patience is a virtue!