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Pottering about

Monday, August 27th, 2012

This morning I was interviewed by a student for her end of year assignment. The questions were mainly all about how I work & my inspiration etc, but one question that she asked was what do I do in my spare time?

Hmm, spare time? I have a vague memory of this concept & something called a life, but it is a distant memory!!

Oh, sounds a bit sad doesn’t it… really its not!  Im pretty happy with what Ive got going on!!!

One thing I have been getting up to all this year is taking a pottery class at Cone 11. And yes, to answer the question you are  thinking (as everyone I tell about the classes automatically asks!)  - it is totally & exactly just like that scene from the movie  Ghost. Un cannily so in fact! The song & everything. The same.

Anyway…moving on.

I loves it! I love getting filthy & filthy I do get. I always come away covered head to toe in clay splatter which just adds to my personal satisfaction! (weirdly no one else in the class gets as splashy messy as me!!!) Im on to my 3rd term now & soon to go on to my 4th.  Which means there is barely a surface in my house that doesnt have a kooky misshapen bowl on it!

Oh, I didn’t yet mention that I am not brilliant at it! My bowls are usually crooked & wot not. No matter, its just so satisfying to make a little sumpin sumpin in my own 2 hands!

This is the studio – located at the Abbotsford convent, & right beside the Collingwood Childrens farm - there is just something special about wandering through the convent grounds that is inspiring!

These are my most recent pieces ready for glazing.

In previous terms I have completely lost my shit when it comes to the glazing. I forget the less is more thing that I rant & rant to my clients, & have made nice simple shapes look weird & just wrong by using multiple colours without having the skills to carry it off!

Case & point:

(not all – but certainly some!)


These are my most recent creations after glazing & firing. Um, so it is meant to be a dinner plate. But as you can see by the forks size, its more of a muffin plate – or at a stretch a toast plate!

and this is a very shallow bowl! Good for soup I suppose!


This one from my first term has turned out to be quite useful – The wonkyness got turned into a small spout which is perfect to rest my tea spoon in! – you know just like it was meant to be!

This isnt the prettiest of shapes & does illustrate the glazing mania I get in!

(Psst – in this pic you can kinda see my silver braille-celet! A recent side project (huh I DO have a life!) of mine that I designed & had it made – it has a message written in braille to me on it!!)


Here is another example of me loosing my shit in a haze of glazing fun! Although I think the splatter is kinda cute!


This gives you a good idea of the scale of my earlier peices! Tiny!  But now I have the perfect place to keep my  eraser! – as you do!!


I could go on, and on. But im sure its a topic that is far more interesting to me than to you! So I will spare you any further examples but at least now I have proof that I DO have a life!

If you want to see some good ceramics – check out my teacher the super lovely Iiona’s work on her website – here. Great stuff & top chick!


just before

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Had to share these great BEFORE shots on a project I am working on!



Clearly its a fun project to be involved in!

Before & After

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Recently I blogged about a chair makeover I undertook for an apartment project that I’ve been working on -a refresher on that here.

Taking advantage of my lovely photographer & friend Jacquie Melville’s flying visit back to my Melbourne town, (she moved to London on me – honestly how bloody rude!) I wanted to get a few projects properly photographed to update my website. And so I did!

I always find it interesting seeing before & after pictures of interior spaces – gives a great visual of just what a difference something like a paint colour makes! The before colour in this apartment was a blah nothing colour, and used on both the walls and ceiling.  Eh. A feature wall in a concrete finish had been added, but still the space was bland with no soul or warmth to it.  The existing furniture also wasn’t a good fit – literally. the sofa was too large for the wall it was placed on, so we re-homed most of it & set about creating a smart and sophisticated interior.

So… on with the pictures!

I really hope it’s obvious to you which are the before shots & which are the after! But just in case its not, I have labelled to save you the awkward moment!


Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

And After

Still after…

Camilla Molders Design

Dining table before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Dining table after & featuring the chairs

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

Hallway before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Hallway after (OK yes. that is my Ju-ju)

Camilla Molders Design


Bedroom before…

No. Not a whole lotta lovin in this room!

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

And After.

And yes mum, the sheets are meant to be crumpled like that: they are pure divine linen loveliness!

Camilla Molders Design

And there you have it!

I will have another before & after of a bathroom reno soon.

As it was, and so it is

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With my long absences from Designalogue, I kinda feel the need to prove that I am indeed keeping busy and not just ignoring the blogosphere.

So here is the proof. Some before and after pictures of recent projects:

um. In case you are wondering – This most certainly is a before shot.

And then after:

Bedroom before:

And yes. that IS a poem on the wall. (no apology from me for the blurryness of the picture -something about poems on walls gives me the shakes!)

Bedroom After:

The bedroom chandelier is a pretty special peice made from walnut and brass and uncovered in a marked in Italy by the clever Nicholas & Alistair

Now I’m on the blogging roll….onto another project:

A large living room that was quite open to the street and barren of furniture and personality:

(oh the red thing is not a vase or decoration…thats my handbag!)

And after….

That’s all from me for now. But I will be back tomorrow to share something else I’m quite excited about!

Oops. Its been a while.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Aw, poor Designalogue Blog. You are so neglected by your maker. 3 months since my last post. Oops.

I wouldn’t say you have been forgotten about you dear blog…just kinda pushed you to the back of my mind while I got on with other things.  But blog guilt has  finally got to me, and so here I am giving you a bit of the attention that you desire. (Take what you can get!)

So to news of late…

I recently flew up to  Darwin for a few days to work on a project. For those not familiar with Australia’s geography, Darwin is the city up the top & in the middle of Australia where its hot, really hot all the time and they have  a lot of  big bitey things in the water. (of which I saw none – kinda sadly!) My only brush with the interesting nature of the area was accidentally peeing on a sweet little green tree frog. I didn’t realise the little guy was there until it was too late…… but saved in time before the flush! Lesson learned – when in the tropics, check where you are sitting! Even where you are sitting is in a bathroom on the second floor – wee critters like climbing pipes it seems!

Sadly and well, very inconveniently my camera died. As it turns out little snappy cameras cant handle being dropped on the floor after about 110 times. Up till that last drop, I swear it was totally fine. Life without a camera on hand to snap away is a bit sad. The camera in my Iphone  just doesnt cut it. So until a new camera comes  my way…will my vague descriptions of things work on a design based blog?

Im thinking not.

So no pictures to share of interesting things in Darwin. But hopefully  I will have got around to getting myself a new camera by my next trip up in a few months time. Maybe  then we can have a slide night?

As this is a design based blog, I cant leave this post without a picture or two – so thought I would share some chairs that I recently had re upholstered for a client:

Before – needing a bit of zhoosh!


& after….

They are part of a project that is coming along so beautifully & I cant wait to share it… but all in good time!

Almost kinda

Friday, November 27th, 2009

This week a kitchen project I have been working on for a while was almost nearly finished.  Finished enough to exhale and do a round of back patting and hi-fives, but not quite enough to do the celebratory dance that goes with the end of a project or share the happy snaps.  Still to come is a bit of ‘frosting’!

But I am completely in love with these beautiful bamboo shelves and the Egyptian ball pendants, and in the mood for sharing!  so share I am:

Stay tuned for more on this soon!

Recent project

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I have been a busy girl of late with quite a few installations happening almost all at once! So in the spirit of sharing, and to appease my guilt at not attending to Designalogue Blog much of late, here are some ‘crappy snaps’ I have taken of an apartment I have been working on.  



The scatter cushions sent some serious love chills my way and I have to admit when I picked them up from my brilliant cushion maker, I had to pull myself together, be strong to and stop them from finding a home on my sofa! Such is the trouble with this line of work…

The photos don’t do the fabric justice, The fabric and colours are just stunning and I love love! 


Once I have proper photos that do the art the justice they deserve, I will tell you more about the paintings. But in short they are Google Earth images of the coast line of our home town and surround and are a mix of resin and silver leaf and even have a diamond or two!! 

That is all!


The week that was

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Um, how did it become May already? I swear it was New year just a couple of weeks back and we here in Melbourne town were in a heat wave. Suddenly its May, and we are having a super freeze. I’m beginning to think that Mother Earth has taken up quick step dancing! or just maybe I am just in a time bubble?!

So in the weeks gone by (though it feels like mere hours!) Ive just been doing my ‘thing’. Some of this involved helping the lovlies at Lump Scultpure Studio put a display together for the big annual designery trade  show “Interior Designex‘ to display how beautiful their light boxes can look beautiful Inside as well as out!  This is the result of that: 

CMD for Lump DX2009

CMD for Lump DX2009

CMD for Lump DX2009

CMD for Lump DX2009

As I only had a week & a bit to gather bits & pieces for the stand, I had to use what I could get my hands on quick sticks! This meant most of the display came from my stocks! (read my home!) But with some assistance from Diane Bergeron & Interstudio. 

The other side of the stand was as so: 

Ah then as quick as a flash, but not soon enough, the weekend came!!

Sunday was a perfect day. Blue skies, 19 degrees (that’s about 62F) and just gorgeous! Fella and I jumped in the car and headed up to a friends farm -an hour & a bit out of town for a lovely Sunday lunch. This is my idea of a perfect day!

To get to the farm we travelled past the areas recently hit by the tragic bush fires. (For what this is in reference to click here) I stuck my camera out of the sun roof of the car to take some crappy snaps of what now is. (I think the pics are pretty good considering the car is travelling at 100kms! (that’s about 62 miles per hour!))

This picture shows a vineyard with the burned hills in the back ground. The vineyard was untouched – the vines just look burnt as its now Autumn here. 


These pictures show how devastating the fires were. Apparently, bush fires are usually close to the ground, leaving the tree canopies relatively unscathed. As the bush was so dry – from a hot summer as well as 11 years of drought, as these images show everything went up in flames.

My heart breaks thinking of the animal life that had no chance of escaping. 

The yellow ribbon that someone has placed on this tree is the symbol that acknowledges these fires and raises money for those who suffered.

Although it is Autumn (fall) here. These trees are red from the fire – not the season. All these trees are native to Australia and dont shred their leaves in the seasons. 


Three months on from the fires and the forests are already greening up with new growth. 


And then to the farm we got! So beautiful! and its one of my favorite places in which to be. An hour there makes me feel like I have had a week away.  

 Ahh the serenity! until…

Why is it that boys feel the need to throw stuff? Apparently this tree was just asking to be target practise! (practising for what?!) I will point out – no animal or bird life was in the line of fire. 

And me and him felt the need to do some loved up posing in the sun set! 

And then it was done. and back to the city we went… for another week to go by quick as a flash! 

World wide web once more

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


WOO HOO! FINALLY after a long intermission my new website is UP and on the world wide web once more! 

To have a looksee, click on here!

The gallery section is currently a little sparse -I have a few jobs ready to get photographed, but haven’t had the time to organise all the logistics! -Its hard work people!

The new digs.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I thought I would show you a few pictures of the new digs where the fella and I live and work -as of one week ago!

Starting with my office.

I LOVE my office.  Are you checking out my Juju!!!

Oh, I would formally introduce you to my plastic fish – He is my mascot (just decided!) but he doesn’t have a name, so I will need to think of one toot sweet! Any suggestions?

So now onto some other bits of the new digs.

Our dining table has been given a new bit of love with a new table top.

Made from recycled timber and ‘ebonized’ using a very earth friendly method involving vinegar and steel wool!  I think that is just so cool!

In our lounge room there is a kooky lil nook! On the wall above this nook is a family crest or something like that!! Its has written ‘Peace and Prosperity’.

Rather lovely words to set the tone of the joint I think!

I particularly like the kooky comic like kangaroo holding the crown on top!

I have stuff. Some of this stuff are blue bottles.

Just cause I like them! that’s all.

My green chair hangs out and you can see a glimpse behind of the old radio that I have turned into a light box. One day i will get around to restoring the veneer so its all spanky gorgeous. But until that day comes…

This picture is just because I think the flowers are pretty.  Also they are sitting on another old radio that I am yet to turn into a light box – but will do one day.


So now a bit of imagination is called for. Are you in the mood?

We had ONE little drama on move day. Our bed base didn’t make it up the stairs! The clearance height was the trouble and no matter how hard we try – by hook AND by crook, the lil bugga wont budge.

So rather than buy an expensive new bed base -as we just did last year! A little creative imagination is in order SO, I’ve hatched me a plan to get a new bed.

Phase one has gone through smoothly. I won the bid on eBay for this uga number:

Don’t fret now.

I ain’t no country girl and wont be spending my sweet slumber in this colonial state!!

No, I plan on spending the holiday break painting furniture and will be taking inspiration from this fabulous number:

via Desire to Inspire

via Desire to Inspire

Though I probably wont have pictures of people ‘doin it’, purely as I dont have the patience!

I will be sure to post some pictures when I plan is fully hatched!!

So before kicking you out the back door of the new pad, I had best introduce you to some new family members living with us. Now we three, are ONE THOUSAND and THREE!

Our worm farm!

In the past we have always composted. But living in a space with no dirt – we had to look for other means to dispose of our vegie scraps. So worms tis!

Well, thats all from me for now! Happy Holidays people!