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Bold happenings

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Well hello once again! or, welcome if this is your first time in this particular blogs hood!

Thought I would share a couple of  pictures of a recent project that I had photographed.  Its a music room for a young family & as you can see they aren’t afraid of living with colour!


Look-see at the handblown glass pendant light we had made for the project:

So there you have it! It was such a pleasure to work on this project! My clients (the loveliest people you could meet) had an idea of what they wanted for the space which was bold & colourful.  I dont think you can say its not either of those!

Thank you once again to the fabulous Martina Gemmola for beautiful photos!

See you back here soon! I have some INCREDIBLE news to share soon of a project I have been working on – its the kind of project that i could not possibly say NO to & is the kinda project that is & forever will be a career highlight & totally surreal. When I tell you more you will understand the surreal-ness!

Until next time!


Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Wowsers, its 2013!  Happy new year peoples!

I had a pretty quiet NYE, I’d celebrated my birthday the day before in a very liquidy way, & as I turned 37 – not 18, I dont bounce back quite like I used to! So my NYE was spent on my sofa flicking between Graham Norton, The Rocky Horror show & a Rolling Stones doco on the TV. Truth be told – was quite happy!

2012 was a great big year for me both personally & professionally. It was the year  that I got my first magazine cover, worked on an international project , travelled to Vietnam, worked on some really exciting & challenging projects & hilariously was invited to do a screen test as a design expert for a TV show (psst I was terrible! – a robot! Bloody hilarious experience though!) met some amazing & inspiring people, took a pottery course & made my own set of dinner plates, took a basket weaving course and topping it off in December I moved to a new house & office. A big year!

Ive enjoyed a few days over this break just doing a bit of nothing. Ive slept, taken long walks, Ive sorted out the new house – decorated it, got bored with how that looked so re arranged & redecorated again! But now I ‘m nearly ready to get stuck into it all again!

Right out of the gate I have some great projects to get stuck into, as well as some to finish off . Im excited & raring to go!

By the way, Im often posting pictures of project happenings over on my facebook page – so if you wanna, go like it – to keep in the loop! go here

like this – a snippet of a very colourful project nearing completion!


And thats that! See you back here soon!

Pottering about

Monday, August 27th, 2012

This morning I was interviewed by a student for her end of year assignment. The questions were mainly all about how I work & my inspiration etc, but one question that she asked was what do I do in my spare time?

Hmm, spare time? I have a vague memory of this concept & something called a life, but it is a distant memory!!

Oh, sounds a bit sad doesn’t it… really its not!  Im pretty happy with what Ive got going on!!!

One thing I have been getting up to all this year is taking a pottery class at Cone 11. And yes, to answer the question you are  thinking (as everyone I tell about the classes automatically asks!)  - it is totally & exactly just like that scene from the movie  Ghost. Un cannily so in fact! The song & everything. The same.

Anyway…moving on.

I loves it! I love getting filthy & filthy I do get. I always come away covered head to toe in clay splatter which just adds to my personal satisfaction! (weirdly no one else in the class gets as splashy messy as me!!!) Im on to my 3rd term now & soon to go on to my 4th.  Which means there is barely a surface in my house that doesnt have a kooky misshapen bowl on it!

Oh, I didn’t yet mention that I am not brilliant at it! My bowls are usually crooked & wot not. No matter, its just so satisfying to make a little sumpin sumpin in my own 2 hands!

This is the studio – located at the Abbotsford convent, & right beside the Collingwood Childrens farm - there is just something special about wandering through the convent grounds that is inspiring!

These are my most recent pieces ready for glazing.

In previous terms I have completely lost my shit when it comes to the glazing. I forget the less is more thing that I rant & rant to my clients, & have made nice simple shapes look weird & just wrong by using multiple colours without having the skills to carry it off!

Case & point:

(not all – but certainly some!)


These are my most recent creations after glazing & firing. Um, so it is meant to be a dinner plate. But as you can see by the forks size, its more of a muffin plate – or at a stretch a toast plate!

and this is a very shallow bowl! Good for soup I suppose!


This one from my first term has turned out to be quite useful – The wonkyness got turned into a small spout which is perfect to rest my tea spoon in! – you know just like it was meant to be!

This isnt the prettiest of shapes & does illustrate the glazing mania I get in!

(Psst – in this pic you can kinda see my silver braille-celet! A recent side project (huh I DO have a life!) of mine that I designed & had it made – it has a message written in braille to me on it!!)


Here is another example of me loosing my shit in a haze of glazing fun! Although I think the splatter is kinda cute!


This gives you a good idea of the scale of my earlier peices! Tiny!  But now I have the perfect place to keep my  eraser! – as you do!!


I could go on, and on. But im sure its a topic that is far more interesting to me than to you! So I will spare you any further examples but at least now I have proof that I DO have a life!

If you want to see some good ceramics – check out my teacher the super lovely Iiona’s work on her website – here. Great stuff & top chick!


New beginnings

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

2011, Happy to be done with you!

2012, we are going to get along real well.

A nice way for me to start the year off to a good start was to see my work featured on the HGTV blog in a story on their ‘favourite bright, bold bathrooms’

Camilla Molders Design

Thank you HGTV for featuring my work on your blog!

And so for the new year

I’m really excited for the year ahead. I’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline and after a few days of chilling out, I am itching to get back into my work. But as I am working on evening up the work/ Life balance thing, I’ve got a few travel adventures planned and some personal creative projects too. So all looking to be a productive year!

Oh, and also I am going to aim to be more regular with my blog posts. I’m never going to be an every day blogger (how - HOW do people do that!) but I will give myself the aim to blog of atleast twice a week. OK… maybe just once a week!

so, we’ll soon see- watch this space!




It’s a wrap

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

And that’s that! the last delivery for 2011 is DONE!

A stunning organically dyed wool rug to be more specific!







Obligatory horse picture for cup day

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Its cup day today here in Melbourne town.

In past years (yep, Designalogue has been around for years!) I have put some effort into the horsey theme & found lots of pictures featuring horses in interiors… I haven’t gone out searching very far this year, and well, I’m even kind of cheating a bit as I am just showing a picture of my own living room – badly photographed… but it does have a horse!

Camilla Molders Design

See. A horse that is made of crap loads of horses!

Camilla Molders Design

This picture will give you a much better look-see at my fabulous ponies!

It was very cleaverly created by one half of the Design Crisis clever duo – Karly Hand.  She did a limited print run of 30,  so I was very quick to make one of these mine – ALL MINE!

and so I did & we will live happily ever after!


If you are feeling ripped off by my lack of enthusiasm for this years race – you can have a look at horsey stuff I have done in past years here on the blog:

here, here, here, some more here, and then I did this one, and finally that.



As it was, and so it is

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With my long absences from Designalogue, I kinda feel the need to prove that I am indeed keeping busy and not just ignoring the blogosphere.

So here is the proof. Some before and after pictures of recent projects:

um. In case you are wondering – This most certainly is a before shot.

And then after:

Bedroom before:

And yes. that IS a poem on the wall. (no apology from me for the blurryness of the picture -something about poems on walls gives me the shakes!)

Bedroom After:

The bedroom chandelier is a pretty special peice made from walnut and brass and uncovered in a marked in Italy by the clever Nicholas & Alistair

Now I’m on the blogging roll….onto another project:

A large living room that was quite open to the street and barren of furniture and personality:

(oh the red thing is not a vase or decoration…thats my handbag!)

And after….

That’s all from me for now. But I will be back tomorrow to share something else I’m quite excited about!

Obsession Confession: Still dreaming of that genie

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I have written before about my love for glass genie bottles in an obsession confession (see here)

Its a continued and long loving obsession of mine, so imagine my delight when I came across some more genie bottle eye candy for me to drool over!

It was like the clouds parted I tell you!!

Jonathon Adler via House of Turquoise

Jonathon Adler via House of Turquoise

Jeffers Design Group

Jeffers Design Group
Nathan Egan

Nathan Egan

Christopher Maya

Christopher Maya

John Ellis Photography

John Ellis Photography

Via Desire to Inspire

Via Desire to Inspire

Via Simply Grove

Via Simply Grove

Via Bahrainidiva

Via Bahrainidiva

Brown Design

Brown Design

Brown Design
Brown Design
Brown Design

Brown Design

By the way, in my collection of many, I’m still yet to come across a genie, so no wishes have been granted.

I am quite sulky about this!

Im checking in.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

And good luck checking me outta there….


I spied this over at Dales’ HDI Blog and felt the need to on-share as it makes me sigh with a heart warming AHH. I love it. I love it. I just love it. I want to jump on that bed and wrap myself in the rainbow blanket before my eyes.  

Hmm. Too much? 

This bed of yum is one of Missoni’s ‘designer’ hotels set to open in both Edinburgh or Kuwait later in the year and also explains the Missoni product all over it! 

I’m checking me in, but think I will head Edinburgh way, as Kuwait is still a little close to the action for my comfort!


You know, I’ve been pondering a lately: I wonder what it means that I am a girl who is pretty much dressed head to toe in black day after day -HATES wearing colour, but have decorated my own home with a HEAP of colour? Really, is there a psychological issue here? 

Oh mother Oprah, show me the way…

Maybe she could do an ‘expose’ on people who need colour?

Just saying, thats all. 


Oh and another thing I feel the need to on-share. In case you lot over in other parts of the blogosphere world think I’m all crazy with the spelling – fear not, here in Australia – we spell colour with the U in it.

We also drive on the other side of the road to you and supposedly our water goes down the drain clockwise to your anti-clockwise. 

Don’t judge, diversity is a GOOD thing people!

Oh other non country specific spelling mistakes are just part of the quaint gal I am!! 

Texture Junkie: Juju Hats

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Today’s ‘Texture Junkie’ addiction is all about the feather: Cameroon Juju Hats - traditional wear for tribal chiefs and dignitaries during ceremonial events in Cameroon.

via the Shoot factory

via the Shoot factory

via the shoot factory

via the shoot factory

Hout Bay Manour - via my Notting Hill

Hout Bay Manour - via my Notting Hill

New york Social Diary

New york Social Diary

New York Social Diary

New York Social Diary

Via Style Court

Via Style Court

Room Goods

Room Goods

Via More ways to waste time

Via More ways to waste time

Via More ways to waste time

Via More ways to waste time

Ah just gorgeous! I need to get me one……..

Oh, so um yeah, this is my way of telling Fella that I have put on hold a Red Juju hat that I have loved loong long time!…and before the fella gets mad at me, lets take a moment and remember it IS Christmas, and then MY birthday AND, And I have worked very very very hard all year! And its Art!

And remember sweet fella- I love you!!

Psst – for the rest of you out there in the blogosphere-I’d really appreciate some help!!! If you comment about how fab they are – would really help me out!

And No its NOT manipulating, its educating!!!