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Pottering about

Monday, August 27th, 2012

This morning I was interviewed by a student for her end of year assignment. The questions were mainly all about how I work & my inspiration etc, but one question that she asked was what do I do in my spare time?

Hmm, spare time? I have a vague memory of this concept & something called a life, but it is a distant memory!!

Oh, sounds a bit sad doesn’t it… really its not!  Im pretty happy with what Ive got going on!!!

One thing I have been getting up to all this year is taking a pottery class at Cone 11. And yes, to answer the question you are  thinking (as everyone I tell about the classes automatically asks!)  - it is totally & exactly just like that scene from the movie  Ghost. Un cannily so in fact! The song & everything. The same.

Anyway…moving on.

I loves it! I love getting filthy & filthy I do get. I always come away covered head to toe in clay splatter which just adds to my personal satisfaction! (weirdly no one else in the class gets as splashy messy as me!!!) Im on to my 3rd term now & soon to go on to my 4th.  Which means there is barely a surface in my house that doesnt have a kooky misshapen bowl on it!

Oh, I didn’t yet mention that I am not brilliant at it! My bowls are usually crooked & wot not. No matter, its just so satisfying to make a little sumpin sumpin in my own 2 hands!

This is the studio – located at the Abbotsford convent, & right beside the Collingwood Childrens farm - there is just something special about wandering through the convent grounds that is inspiring!

These are my most recent pieces ready for glazing.

In previous terms I have completely lost my shit when it comes to the glazing. I forget the less is more thing that I rant & rant to my clients, & have made nice simple shapes look weird & just wrong by using multiple colours without having the skills to carry it off!

Case & point:

(not all – but certainly some!)


These are my most recent creations after glazing & firing. Um, so it is meant to be a dinner plate. But as you can see by the forks size, its more of a muffin plate – or at a stretch a toast plate!

and this is a very shallow bowl! Good for soup I suppose!


This one from my first term has turned out to be quite useful – The wonkyness got turned into a small spout which is perfect to rest my tea spoon in! – you know just like it was meant to be!

This isnt the prettiest of shapes & does illustrate the glazing mania I get in!

(Psst – in this pic you can kinda see my silver braille-celet! A recent side project (huh I DO have a life!) of mine that I designed & had it made – it has a message written in braille to me on it!!)


Here is another example of me loosing my shit in a haze of glazing fun! Although I think the splatter is kinda cute!


This gives you a good idea of the scale of my earlier peices! Tiny!  But now I have the perfect place to keep my  eraser! – as you do!!


I could go on, and on. But im sure its a topic that is far more interesting to me than to you! So I will spare you any further examples but at least now I have proof that I DO have a life!

If you want to see some good ceramics – check out my teacher the super lovely Iiona’s work on her website – here. Great stuff & top chick!


um, I got GOT again.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I’ve gone and got myself tagged again! This time the lovely Qerat infected me!

The point again to share 6 things about myself. But with all this tagging going on, IMO struggling to keep up with new things to share, a girl has gotta keep some mystery you know!

So Im instead going to share some Randomania instead:

1. I was reliving some childhood memories the other day and You tube-ing the fabulous TV show from my childhood  Fraggle Rock! I came across this classic gem, which the fella and I decided should be the song to get us all motivated throughout this global recession!

Um, I am having all sorts of trouble uploading this video – so you will just have to expel that tiny bit of energy & click on the link to make it work instead! Doozers

2. My favoritest film of ALL time is the Labyrinth.

3. So, I will admit.. I have a bit of an obsession…. I cant get enough of coloured glass.

I just love it and have, um, quite a bit in my house…….








There is actually more than this, but the photos were even more crapola than these. So you will just have to believe me!

4. I cant throw away, give away or even loan out my design magazines. This does create a bit of a storage issue, but I deal. Each month I buy about 8-9 mags and I devour them and re-read many times over! (Also – happily these are a tax deduction, so that’s a happy ending!)

5. I still drink coffee daily. I never pretended I was going to give it up- just keeping you up to speed!

6. I love my iPhone and hate synthetic fabrics on upholstery.

Ah, six points = done.

I don’t want to give myself a reputation for being a girl who gives infections, so once again: dear readers and blogging friends, if you wanna, do it! If not, I wont hunt you down!!

Ah, it’s OH so quiet.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

And breath out again and hear ones thoughts… Ah, its gone and done for another year and I now have some peace and quiet once more. Ah. that’s nice. 

oh, best I fill you on on what I’m talking about! So you don’t feel all left out and unloved! 

So: I live (and work) a very short 2 blocks away from the  serene, peaceful and picturesque Albert Park lake. 

Quite pretty isn’t it! – on the edge of the city right by the bay….lovely -if you haven’t yet visited, you must – its lovely……. OK, that’s my tourist gathering bit done! 


Image via Flikr -Aumbody images

Image via Flikr -Aumbody images


Once a year, for 4 looong days the quiet lake transforms from the pretty picturesque lakeside it tis, into a Grand Prix circuit full of ear bleed loud cars, bucket loads of beer, busslings of busty broads and bogans!! 


Image via The Age - pic by Viki Lascaris

Image via The Age - pic by Viki Lascaris


Yesterday for a couple of hours I joined the busslings of busty broads and bogans and tottered track side to see what all the fuss and noise was about! In case you were unsure, its about ear bleed loud cars, bucket loads of beer, busty broads and plenty of bogans! AND that’s about it really!

Not being a car motor head person it is lost on me somewhat, but I do admit – its hard to not smile and get a grin from ear to ear when the giant mosquito roars past at 300kms an hour! 

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan


And I have to confess, I cant help but giggle like a school girl when the cool fighter planey things do their low flyovers!  Each day of the Grand Prix the plane roared repeatedly over my house sending Trevur the cat scuttling for the safety of under the bed and me into the street to watch it do air ‘doghnuts’. 

I think I might be a fighter pilot when I grow up. Except the fighting bit, and the fact that I am a grown up…

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan


The whole event finished up last night with a concert where 70′s rock gods (!?) The Who played on! I didn’t go to see them, but heard them live from my garden and repeatedly said to the fella : ‘Oh, I didn’t know they did THIS song!’ 

So that’s whats been going on in my ‘real’ world of late! Not very design worthy – but my blog so I can do what I want!!!

One of these days I will do a proper post once again, as I have been a little lax in that of late due to being really busy and important!!!!!

World wide web once more

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


WOO HOO! FINALLY after a long intermission my new website is UP and on the world wide web once more! 

To have a looksee, click on here!

The gallery section is currently a little sparse -I have a few jobs ready to get photographed, but haven’t had the time to organise all the logistics! -Its hard work people!

Cough, splat

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Cough, cough…seems I’ve gone and caught myself another TAG!

Turns out this tag is just the thing to help me skive off from the boring paperwork I am meant to be doing!

So Tag task 1.  Show a picture of your desk

I can do that! But as I have crappy photography skills – or is that camera? I may have gotten a little carried away when creatively editing said images!! I’m sure you can deal.

As you can see my Juju takes crowning glory behind my head as I work away saving one house from a design disaster after another. I like to think that it reflects my halo that is normally invisible to the naked eye.

My computer is pretty much crap, so deserves no attention here whats so ever. One day a Mac pro book will be mine. One day….

My desk

My desk

This is my view from my desk.

The table (not the right shape for the space – but sometimes you just gotta work with what you got!) is full of fabric samples and schemes I am working on.  Trevurr the cat likes to keep an eye on my work and sometimes I find he has done a little creative editing!

View from my desk

View from my desk

My bookshelf to my left houses some of my gazillion magazines. I have many more, but are going to edit and only keep the uber goodies that I just must have.

a few magazines

a few magazines

Tag task 2.  Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it.

Um, obviously I ain’t going to really chose the 6th of the 6th -it was a really boring picture…. So I am taking liberty and just posting in fact the next one (like you’d know!) a random picture of my work that I am happy to share with the blogosphere!

So I guess its now my duty to infect someone else with this tag. As its a visual one, there are a few of my blogging fellows that I am curious about seeing where they are coming up with their witty and sarky posts – so yep, that means -TAG you’re it – Raina of If the Lampshade fits” fame! Don’t get mad, get flattered!!!

For the rest of you out there – consider yourselves tagged too.. or not – your prerogative!

loving and lurving and that.

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

“Valentine Schmalentine” are the words spoken on the subject of Valentines day in my house.  ”It’s a marketing dream! We are living the ‘lurve’ day in and day out baby girl!” is what Fella tells me year after year…

I do actually agree with him, but that’s makes for a very boring blog post, so in the interest of that:

Screw that!! Shower me with gifts and bejewel me with all types of bedazzled goodness. As Britney sings “Gimme Gimme MORE”

So in the spirit of more and more and then some MORE again, oh and a little of schmoopy love – I thought I would put together a list of things I lurve…..

Sigh with me….Ahhhh lurve…..

I lurve this room by designer Katie Leede. I lurve the colours, I lurve the lamp that reminds me of the the ‘triffids‘, I lurve the colours in the painting and cushion painting matchy -you know… the whole shebang makes my heart a flutter and tweet some.

Loving that Katie Leede

I lurve this picture taken from the once was great, and is no more Domino Magazine. The colours rock my world and I have a desire to peel the apples skin and see how long I can make the skin chain.

Domino was a great mag once.

Domino was a great mag once.

I love the idea of prettying myself up at a dressing table in the morning. But who am I kidding – even if I had the pretty space, I wouldn’t use it! As much as I may kid myself, I wouldnt use it, I aint no girlie girl. Never was, never will be.

Still, I lurve shoes….and pedicures. Add coffee to the mix and they are my weaknesses.

Domino was loved..

Domino was loved..

So its a crappy picture, so do what you have to to try and understand what i am talking about – squint, tilt your head, what ever..but I luuuurve these cushions on my sofa. Sometimes whilst firmly planted upon the sofa, I look at the colour combination of the lime and turquoise – both in uber fabulous fabrics and I’m telling you, my heart sighs with the lurve I’m feeling.

Loving my cushions

Loving my cushions

I’ve said it before, and bound to again – I totally Lurve these light boxes. They do rock my world.

Loving a lump

Loving the lump

I lurve the art of a friend of mine Daniel Truscott. His work is so bold and graphic and totally rocks my world.

Daniel Trusott via Metro 5 Gallery

Daniel Trusott via Metro 5 Gallery

Oh and I lurve love this. If you know what it is from, the the odds are that I love YOU too…

Do you know?

Do you know?

So, I cant be prattling about the lurve without mentioning the munchkins. This is my three year old niece who is simply put, super cute. These photos of her first ligit salon haircut and her expression makes me laugh every-time – what a diva!

Love the little things

Love the little things


She likey what she see!

This is her little sister, also a little super cutey –  even though she sounds like a dinosaur -she is cute enough to totally pull it off!!!

Loving the Willow

Loving the Willow

And so finally, gotta say I lurve this fella O mine. He is a bit of alright that dude o mine!

Oh, didnt I mention - Esquire totally did an article on our fabulousess.

Oh, didnt I mention - Esquire totally did an article on our fabulousess.

There is heaps more that I lurve and love. But I am in need of more caffeine and thought I might see some day light today! Enjoy the love people! Happy Valentine -if that be your thing!

During tough economical times…

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Via Brand DNA


Hmm, wise words me thinks… and something I am keeping very much in mind for my own business especially during these trixty times!

My new website is being busily worked on as we speak, and should be up really really soon….oh I hope! (only been years in the coming!)

Alive, un melted.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

JUST in case you were starting to worry – all is well! I have made it through the ridiculous heat wave we have just gone through -just! 

Now I am really busy catching up on all the work I should have done, but couldn’t do last week or I really would have melted! 

So for now, I will just leave you with some gorgeous bedroom eye candy!


Via living Etc

Via living Etc

Over heated

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The crazy heat still continuing here. Its just horrible. Today makes 3 days in a row of 43+ degree heat (109 F) Never (in the history recording time periods) in Melbourne has there been this kind of heat for so many days, which is why I am exceptionally whiny about it! -oh, and no respite till Sunday. Ew.

I have cancelled all client meetings, due to the fact that I have lost the ability to string sentences together, and kind of gone on strike today of doing any ‘real’ work that I’s need to be doing.  So instead I thought I would waste me a lil time and find some eye candy pics to chill me out.

Sometimes, the only way to cool yourself off is to lie on the floor. So, with that in mind, I went searching for the right kind of floor to cool me down.

So starting with this number. Just perfect.

Cooling, soothing blue walls AND a snazzy silver leaf ceiling to gaze at, and if I get bored enough – I can count the silver leaf squares above me!


But I cant settle for the first offer, that would be unsportsman like  -or perhaps just make a boring post!

So quickly moving on then….

The white tiled floor looks cool to the touch. Though I’m not quite sure about the doors.

I do love me some coloured glass, but this might just disturb my intended floor ‘zen’.



OH, I’ AM feeling the cross breeze here.

Living Etc

Living Etc

As a passionate lover of bamboo floors, (I will rant out the fabulousness of bamboo floors on another occasion – too hot to rant right now!) so I cant pass up an opportunity to roll and flail around on this one!

(kinda dig the sneaky red trim on the bottom of the sofa here too!)



I’m thinking that slate will definitely be  cool to the touch. But the hairy creature (yak?) is freaking me out a little, and just imagine the damage those horns would do to me if say I went into a heat induced hallucination or something. So No thank you.

Office for word and image

Office for word and image

Bingo. Concrete. This is what I need.

Please excuse me for a moment whilst I make snow angel shapes on the cool concrete floor.

Office for word and image

Office for word and image

Hmm, but this one looks cooler – not as much direct sun so I think i might settle here for a while.

So don’t mind me, just step around if you need to.  I may be here a while.

Living etc

Living etc

The new digs.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I thought I would show you a few pictures of the new digs where the fella and I live and work -as of one week ago!

Starting with my office.

I LOVE my office.  Are you checking out my Juju!!!

Oh, I would formally introduce you to my plastic fish – He is my mascot (just decided!) but he doesn’t have a name, so I will need to think of one toot sweet! Any suggestions?

So now onto some other bits of the new digs.

Our dining table has been given a new bit of love with a new table top.

Made from recycled timber and ‘ebonized’ using a very earth friendly method involving vinegar and steel wool!  I think that is just so cool!

In our lounge room there is a kooky lil nook! On the wall above this nook is a family crest or something like that!! Its has written ‘Peace and Prosperity’.

Rather lovely words to set the tone of the joint I think!

I particularly like the kooky comic like kangaroo holding the crown on top!

I have stuff. Some of this stuff are blue bottles.

Just cause I like them! that’s all.

My green chair hangs out and you can see a glimpse behind of the old radio that I have turned into a light box. One day i will get around to restoring the veneer so its all spanky gorgeous. But until that day comes…

This picture is just because I think the flowers are pretty.  Also they are sitting on another old radio that I am yet to turn into a light box – but will do one day.


So now a bit of imagination is called for. Are you in the mood?

We had ONE little drama on move day. Our bed base didn’t make it up the stairs! The clearance height was the trouble and no matter how hard we try – by hook AND by crook, the lil bugga wont budge.

So rather than buy an expensive new bed base -as we just did last year! A little creative imagination is in order SO, I’ve hatched me a plan to get a new bed.

Phase one has gone through smoothly. I won the bid on eBay for this uga number:

Don’t fret now.

I ain’t no country girl and wont be spending my sweet slumber in this colonial state!!

No, I plan on spending the holiday break painting furniture and will be taking inspiration from this fabulous number:

via Desire to Inspire

via Desire to Inspire

Though I probably wont have pictures of people ‘doin it’, purely as I dont have the patience!

I will be sure to post some pictures when I plan is fully hatched!!

So before kicking you out the back door of the new pad, I had best introduce you to some new family members living with us. Now we three, are ONE THOUSAND and THREE!

Our worm farm!

In the past we have always composted. But living in a space with no dirt – we had to look for other means to dispose of our vegie scraps. So worms tis!

Well, thats all from me for now! Happy Holidays people!