Re-Love – part 1

February 14th, 2013


So I am taking part in the Feast Watson Re-Love project & what a fitting day for such a campaign to be launched (you know, being Valentines day et all!)

The idea is to share my journey of taking a piece of furniture that has seen better days & give it a make over – or some re-love!

Always up for a challenge & this is my kinda fun, so why not! Also it is for a good cause: At the end of the campaign in May the piece (as well as the pieces of the other 8 designers & bloggers taking part) will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Salvos Stores.

Step 1: I turned to Ebay  - the place where so much furniture can be found that is begging for a bit of re-love, & bought a small bedroom stool. Due to a tight deadline (ok, I may have left finding something to the very last second -but Ive been busy ok!) I didnt have time (or patience!) to go through the whole bidding thang, so offered too much $ upfront = I win!  (only $50!)

So this is the BEFORE picture!

The plan:

Some seriously re-loving is needed on this baby, so its what its gonna get! Some reupholstering obviously, but also re-staining using the Feast Watson products – naturally! I may even call in some favours from suppliers to see if they can assist in the transformation. (please, please peoples?!) I havent come up with the solid plan of what it will become yet, but I will & ahead of deadline! (this is note to self!!)

My first favour will be asking who can lend me an electric hand sander?!  Thats my least favorite part of this process….maybe I can use my charms to have some assistance in this part too?!!

You can check out more of the other designers & bloggers re-love projects & progress on Pintrest here & the website here

Wish me luck & watch this space as I will be blogging about my re-love progress!




Happy New Year!

January 3rd, 2013

Wowsers, its 2013!  Happy new year peoples!

I had a pretty quiet NYE, I’d celebrated my birthday the day before in a very liquidy way, & as I turned 37 – not 18, I dont bounce back quite like I used to! So my NYE was spent on my sofa flicking between Graham Norton, The Rocky Horror show & a Rolling Stones doco on the TV. Truth be told – was quite happy!

2012 was a great big year for me both personally & professionally. It was the year  that I got my first magazine cover, worked on an international project , travelled to Vietnam, worked on some really exciting & challenging projects & hilariously was invited to do a screen test as a design expert for a TV show (psst I was terrible! – a robot! Bloody hilarious experience though!) met some amazing & inspiring people, took a pottery course & made my own set of dinner plates, took a basket weaving course and topping it off in December I moved to a new house & office. A big year!

Ive enjoyed a few days over this break just doing a bit of nothing. Ive slept, taken long walks, Ive sorted out the new house – decorated it, got bored with how that looked so re arranged & redecorated again! But now I ‘m nearly ready to get stuck into it all again!

Right out of the gate I have some great projects to get stuck into, as well as some to finish off . Im excited & raring to go!

By the way, Im often posting pictures of project happenings over on my facebook page – so if you wanna, go like it – to keep in the loop! go here

like this – a snippet of a very colourful project nearing completion!


And thats that! See you back here soon!

Project happenings

November 27th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of working with the very lovely chick & super excellent photographer Martina Gemmola. We shot a project that I have previously shared with you  here & then a little more here. And because I’m a caring sharing lass (sometimes with an over-sharing tendency -truth be told!)  Im going to share even more of it!

So checks it out!


Thank you Martina! You were such a pleasure & great fun to work with!!

Warehouse happenings

October 25th, 2012

And so here I am!

I thought it was about time to share some happenings that have been keeping me busy of late & I’ve been busy!

One of my current projects is a pretty cool warehouse conversion. I  cant wait to show you more of that, but for now we will make do with some pictures taken mostly on my phone  for now.

(Psst – I think its long been established that I am a terrible photographer- look past the blurs people!)

I was so excited when this wallpaper was installed on site. Look closely.

This is in the master bedroom! Oh yes!

This is a snippet of the powder room upstairs. I think the tap is super sexy. but so is the basin. And the tiles!

This is the ensuite down stairs.  As you can clearly tell by this picture – its not finished, nor was it styled!! But I couldn’t not share! The stone bath, mosaic tiles & custom coloured tap ware – its a pretty special place to be!

Upstairs its all happening too!

We’ve got some pressed metal action in the ceiling & one the facing which makes me happy to look at! And the up-stand (which I was so excited about seeing out of my head that I had a ‘moment’ when it was installed!)  is a huge piece of reclaimed timber that was previously used as part of the near by Princess Pier. Its so chunky & delicious. Yes, I am saying that a giant chunky piece of wood is delicious!  Actually when I was first discussing this with my brilliant cabinet maker, he made a note that ‘it had to be the dream piece of wood’! He was taking the piss ofcourse – but as long as I got my point across Im happy!! & he delivered!

This just gives another view of the up-stand. I loves it hard.

In the living room we are waiting on some new furniture still, but this will give you a small idea of whats going on over there. And yep, that pole there is what you are thinking!

Its a house with a lot of character & been so excellent to work on! Still a fair bit to happen before its all done – but i just couldnt wait to share some of what has been chocking up my brain space of late!

I will also be sharing soon some other projects – very polar oposite to this one that have been keeping me busy!


Home Beautiful- before & After

October 24th, 2012

Im not gonna lie, its always a squealy woohoo moment when I see my work in a glossie!

No exception for the current issue  Home Beautiful (Nov) where my project has been featured in their before & after special

Check it out!





I will be back here soon to share some of my recent happenings – loads to share! (this is a note to self more than anything else!)

Pottering about

August 27th, 2012

This morning I was interviewed by a student for her end of year assignment. The questions were mainly all about how I work & my inspiration etc, but one question that she asked was what do I do in my spare time?

Hmm, spare time? I have a vague memory of this concept & something called a life, but it is a distant memory!!

Oh, sounds a bit sad doesn’t it… really its not!  Im pretty happy with what Ive got going on!!!

One thing I have been getting up to all this year is taking a pottery class at Cone 11. And yes, to answer the question you are  thinking (as everyone I tell about the classes automatically asks!)  - it is totally & exactly just like that scene from the movie  Ghost. Un cannily so in fact! The song & everything. The same.

Anyway…moving on.

I loves it! I love getting filthy & filthy I do get. I always come away covered head to toe in clay splatter which just adds to my personal satisfaction! (weirdly no one else in the class gets as splashy messy as me!!!) Im on to my 3rd term now & soon to go on to my 4th.  Which means there is barely a surface in my house that doesnt have a kooky misshapen bowl on it!

Oh, I didn’t yet mention that I am not brilliant at it! My bowls are usually crooked & wot not. No matter, its just so satisfying to make a little sumpin sumpin in my own 2 hands!

This is the studio – located at the Abbotsford convent, & right beside the Collingwood Childrens farm - there is just something special about wandering through the convent grounds that is inspiring!

These are my most recent pieces ready for glazing.

In previous terms I have completely lost my shit when it comes to the glazing. I forget the less is more thing that I rant & rant to my clients, & have made nice simple shapes look weird & just wrong by using multiple colours without having the skills to carry it off!

Case & point:

(not all – but certainly some!)


These are my most recent creations after glazing & firing. Um, so it is meant to be a dinner plate. But as you can see by the forks size, its more of a muffin plate – or at a stretch a toast plate!

and this is a very shallow bowl! Good for soup I suppose!


This one from my first term has turned out to be quite useful – The wonkyness got turned into a small spout which is perfect to rest my tea spoon in! – you know just like it was meant to be!

This isnt the prettiest of shapes & does illustrate the glazing mania I get in!

(Psst – in this pic you can kinda see my silver braille-celet! A recent side project (huh I DO have a life!) of mine that I designed & had it made – it has a message written in braille to me on it!!)


Here is another example of me loosing my shit in a haze of glazing fun! Although I think the splatter is kinda cute!


This gives you a good idea of the scale of my earlier peices! Tiny!  But now I have the perfect place to keep my  eraser! – as you do!!


I could go on, and on. But im sure its a topic that is far more interesting to me than to you! So I will spare you any further examples but at least now I have proof that I DO have a life!

If you want to see some good ceramics – check out my teacher the super lovely Iiona’s work on her website – here. Great stuff & top chick!


So pretty in pink

August 9th, 2012

Almost a year ago I posted here about a hot pink velvet chair I really really really wanted to do for a project I was working on as it was just perfect for the project – perfect I tells you! It didn’t look like it was going to happen due to boring things in life like budgets (yawn!), but then…the clouds parted, the sun shone through & here tis!  A very lucky little little lass (as in a 4 year old little lass!) has a very pretty chair in her beautiful room!  Its as good as I knew it would be & it makes me happy!

Just to clarify, it also makes the baby mamma happy  and the little lass whose room it is also was quite excited by it…perhaps not as much as a new kitten or battery operated something would’ve – she is only 4, & 4 year olds generally dont get as antz pantz excited as someone like me does about furniture!

In the same room the bedhead was also something I was eagerly waiting on! So in the spirit of sharing, have a looksee: beautiful chocolatey linen with feature buttons in pink & white stripe for just a lil bit of sumpin sumpin! & the cushions are bit of  eye candy too!


So thats todays deliveries for your perusal! I will be back soon to share lots of other exciting things that have been happening over in my part of the world!

But  thats enough about me – whats been happening with you?!






just before

July 25th, 2012

Had to share these great BEFORE shots on a project I am working on!



Clearly its a fun project to be involved in!

Before & After -with a little sumpin sumpin!

July 2nd, 2012

Its about time to share another before & after dont you think! Well I do, & I think I’ve established Im the boss of this Blog!

Moving on… This project was a classic case of good house gone bad!

The house is a beautiful art deco house found in a Melbourne beach side suburb & was a victim of a 1980′s renovation resulting in a weird cramped, ugly & dark kitchen.


You know the pictures above are before shots right? right?!

As the house was in need of structural work (it very clearly leaned to one corner – great for indoor skateboarding & Tonka truck playing, but not so much for general living!) we were able to make bigger changes than just cosmetic. The architect on the project had the genius idea of swapping the kitchen over from one side of the room to the other which allowed an entrance to be opened up & a line of sight right through the house (also letting more light in) rather than sticking with the weird rabbit burrow as it was.

True to form – this site shot does include a shot of my hand bag!

I was quite excited to see the kitchen go in & I was not disappointed. I had designed it to be more like a fixture in the house rather thadiving n a feature. My client was determined to have dark timber floors (so SO beautiful, but a b*#ch to keep clean – stock up on swiffers if you want dark floors!) so we chose a dark timber veneer for the kitchen cabinetry so it was quite seamless.

To bring a little sumpin sumpin & personality to the kitchen design I added a copper kicker.

The contrast of the copper with the dark floor & cabinetry looks quite WOW! (no, I will not say WOW factor! - I ban that saying on my projects!- true story!)

The copper just adds a ‘little special’ & brings such life to the space without overpowering the simplicity.

I loves it. I loves it hard.

Oh & when I say I added – I mean very literally I -being ME! I was the one down on that floor installing it! I can not ever be accused of not being ‘hands on’ on my projects!

And so here is the finished kitchen result:

The picture above is a shot I took – as you can see my hands in the mirrored splash back above!

The following pictures were taken by the builders to showcase their clever handy work!  (Once a few more furniture pieces are in, I will get my own pretty pictures taken with non builder eye styling done!!)

And from this angle


Due to one of those real life annoying things – budgets! we are yet to replace the furniture, but will over time.

See the carpet there on the stairs – its Alpaca wool. Ah, so divine! Its hard to resist a little roll around on it! (oh but i did…)

The window furnishings have all been installed & they also made my heart skip a beat! We have put Roman blinds through out & then two large windows in the living room have been dressed with a linen sheer with a simple S Fold heading & block out blinds hiding underneath. The black rod pics up the dark floor & once we have replaced the furniture with gorgeous big linen sofas & gorgeous things – the space will look stunning!

To quote my clients message to me once she saw the window furnishings installed ” I F*****g  love them SO much! Thank you, now my house looks like a home!” I think its safe to say she is happy!

Do you think I should use that message as a testimonial on my website?!

And just a snippet of the laundry. Perhaps the prettiest laundry I’ve ever seen!

Still a fair bit to happen on this project, but it is coming together beautifully- it makes me happy!



June 25th, 2012

And home. Ok, I have been back a week now, but Ive been busy!

I had an excellent time, despite Darwin trying its best to keep me from leaving & making me go to the emergency hospital room twice – TWICE in 5 days! But we will get to that!

This post will probably be a wordy one, but its kind of a diary for me of my trip – so strap in, or dont!

Flying to Darwin (Btw – for my international blog vistors – Darwin is a city at the very top of Australia – where the Baz Luhrman film ‘Australia’ was set! – that helps doesn’t it?!) I was lucky enough to get a window seat in the plane. I havent done any travel to the centre of Australia (yet) so looking out the window & seeing such beauty really blew my tiny mind! And so,  I became that person on the plane who takes lots of photos out the window!

But they turned out pretty cool!

How awesome is this salt lake that is shaped very similarly to Australia!

& look at these colours

Now I hadn’t intentionally made this connection – but these are the colours I used in a project  in Darwin that I did a while back. The red of the woven lights against the blue walls  - looks just gorgeous!

As it really was ‘the wedding of the year’ guests flew in from all over the world & it was pretty special to have so many of my friends in ONE place at the same time! It just doesn’t happen so easily anymore! And naturally being an event with people from all over it was celebrated over days – many dinners & events where had!

It was at one of the dinners where I had my first ouch that resulted in a visit to the emergency room! A stupid, idiotic, der waitress (Im an over thanker of wait staff – so I dont say that too lightly!) handed me a plate that was straight out of the oven. She had a cloth on protecting her, but failed to warn me of its HOTNESS & so I got a nasty ouchy burn on my hand. To be honest a hospital visit was totally over kill, but a friend who was there is a super nurse & totally got in my head about infections I could contract as I was going to a third world country…. better to be safe & all that.

& so the wedding came around, was excellent fun & great party! (the bride & groom left the wedding at 7am the next day!)  I was really enjoying myself & dancing the night away with no plans for leaving the party until….until I stepped on a broken wine glass STEM in bare feet.

I dare you not to shudder in discomfort at even reading that!

Ouch, ouch OUCH!

So off to the hospital again I went. Luckily it wasnt too deep a wound, but it was deep enough to make walking – um really hurt! The lovely hospital peeps did their special thing & as I was flying off the next night to Vietnam I was given hard core infection be gone drugs AND brand spanking new crutches.

I went to Vietnam on crutches!

Vietnam is a beautiful country. I loved it &  will definitely  go back to explore more of it.

Here are a few random pictures of pretties that sums up my stay!

This picture was taken at a river side bar that we stopped at after riding bikes through rice paddies. (yeah – I did that!) this bar is over the water & the $1 beers went down way too easily!

And of course I had to include this! 

Having now experienced the heat of a Vietnamese Summer, these hats now make total design sense to me & I think they are genius!

My mother thinks I look ‘glowing’ in this picture. No, I was just melting! It was SO HOT. SO HOT and humid. But totally awesome & Im so glad that I finally made it to Vietnam!

Oh – my crutches were only needed for a couple of days & I was able to donate them to someone who was totally & absolutely in need in Vietnam.

And now I am back & have lots of great project sneak peaks to share very soon! Some recent installations have had clients use very colourful language to express their delight! Im sure you know what I mean!!