Warehouse happenings

And so here I am!

I thought it was about time to share some happenings that have been keeping me busy of late & I’ve been busy!

One of my current projects is a pretty cool warehouse conversion. I  cant wait to show you more of that, but for now we will make do with some pictures taken mostly on my phone  for now.

(Psst – I think its long been established that I am a terrible photographer- look past the blurs people!)

I was so excited when this wallpaper was installed on site. Look closely.

This is in the master bedroom! Oh yes!

This is a snippet of the powder room upstairs. I think the tap is super sexy. but so is the basin. And the tiles!

This is the ensuite down stairs.  As you can clearly tell by this picture – its not finished, nor was it styled!! But I couldn’t not share! The stone bath, mosaic tiles & custom coloured tap ware – its a pretty special place to be!

Upstairs its all happening too!

We’ve got some pressed metal action in the ceiling & one the facing which makes me happy to look at! And the up-stand (which I was so excited about seeing out of my head that I had a ‘moment’ when it was installed!)  is a huge piece of reclaimed timber that was previously used as part of the near by Princess Pier. Its so chunky & delicious. Yes, I am saying that a giant chunky piece of wood is delicious!  Actually when I was first discussing this with my brilliant cabinet maker, he made a note that ‘it had to be the dream piece of wood’! He was taking the piss ofcourse – but as long as I got my point across Im happy!! & he delivered!

This just gives another view of the up-stand. I loves it hard.

In the living room we are waiting on some new furniture still, but this will give you a small idea of whats going on over there. And yep, that pole there is what you are thinking!

Its a house with a lot of character & been so excellent to work on! Still a fair bit to happen before its all done – but i just couldnt wait to share some of what has been chocking up my brain space of late!

I will also be sharing soon some other projects – very polar oposite to this one that have been keeping me busy!


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5 Responses to “Warehouse happenings”

  1. Travis Says:

    I want to live in that sexy powder room, so perfect, I’m quite sure your clients won’t mind.
    Can’t wait to see more of this project! Yum.

  2. blue fruit Says:

    Looking oh so very sexy! Love the deliciously dark finishes – the wallpaper is a hoot – all mixed with gorgeous rustic bricks. Nice to see these spaces without being styled, actually. Hope you are well and busy.

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