Crystal clever

I just spied this over at HD Inspirations Blog and felt the need to on share the cleverness:  Real crystal decanters used  as pendant lighting at the Conquine Bar in London.

Just goes to show pretty much anything can be made into an awesome light fitting!

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21 Responses to “Crystal clever”

  1. erin@designcrisis Says:

    This is kind of awesome, love the boozy feel over a bar.

    And, welcome back! I’ve missed you :)

  2. Jen Says:

    I’ve got a few old decanters if you want to try this idea!

  3. i gotta have… — Claudia Clobes Interiors Says:

    [...] camilla molders via pinterest. [...]

  4. Simonetta De Santis Says:

    ……..Romanticissi lampadari! Bellissimi.
    Che ne pensate delle mie lampade? Ciao

  5. Alie Says:

    How do you get the bulbs in?
    Or are the bottoms cut off?

  6. Camilla Says:

    Hi Alie. Looks to me like the bottoms are cut off.
    Im still loving these!

  7. Says:…

    [...]Designalogue » Blog Archive » Crystal clever[...]…

  8. Proudly Philippine Made Says:

    I really like those elegance of those glass pendants.

  9. leigh weisenauer Says:

    please advise if you cut the bottoms out and how. Iove this.

  10. Camilla Says:

    Hi Leigh, These are not my work, but I am guessing a glazier would be able to do this quite easily.

  11. Charlene Says:

    Hi There,

    These are awesome !!
    How do you get the bottoms off
    the decanters?


  12. kelly Says:

    These are great, its like hanging Waterford.

  13. Lana Says:

    Is there any instruciton on assembly of these? I have antique cystal decanters I’d like to do this to.

  14. Philippine Products ManilaTrade Says:

    Loving the simplicity of the design. Elegant and simple!

  15. amalia dimitropoulou Says:

    i find them fantastic

  16. amalia dimitropoulou Says:

    i love this pictures

  17. Decanter Pendants | Decor Hacks Says:

    [...] into pendant lighting. And I’m sure the cut crystal casts the most exquisite shadows. Decanter Pendants on Designalogue /* [...]

  18. mary a Says:

    Need instructions to get the bottom off.

  19. kay Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Who makes these?

  20. Debra Says:

    Directions to cut the bottom are here:

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