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Domestic goddess

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Domestic goddess I am not.  I’ve only just come to terms with the fact that I dont have a fairy god mother who is going to clean up after me. (For an all too brief & fabulous time I did have a house cleaner who would clean those things you don’t even think about like light switches, door knobs  & ovens! (or is that just me?) But then I got de-facto divorced & couldnt keep her any more. I think her loss saddened me the most. I kid…but do I?!) So domestic products & wot nots were just not something I wouldn’t really spend much time thinking about. That was until on one of my exotic travels to the local IGA supermarket, I came accross something that made me really question ‘who am I?’

Until then I didn’t know I was the kinda girl to be excited -genuinely excited by something so domestic like a dish brush!

But I did. And after a lot of soul searching  it turns out I am!

In my defence, I think you would be too. You see its not a plastic dish thingy – it’s bamboo & kinda pretty as far as dish thingys go!

Maybe my love for this is more about the feel than the look. The bamboo handle feels so nice to hold & being a tactile lass, I just loves its feelin! Literally & figuratively (hmm…is that the right word?eh..) as it’s one of those feel good sustainable guilt free AND useful products!

The important sustainable credentials:

  • The handle is made from bamboo which is uber sustainable product as it grows at the speed of light -Fact* & finished with natural oils. Not toxic nasties.
  • The bristles & brush head are made of recycled plastic

Oh & it also works pretty well at cleaning stuff.  Fancy that – kinda pretty AND practical!

So my domestic goddess tip for you – spend the 7 ish bucks on a Full circle dish brush. When you have, get back to me & confirm your love of it- maybe we can form a club or something?!


Please note:

This is not a sponsored post. Bizarrely I do have a genuine love for these.

*Bamboo does not grow at the speed of light. But if you thought it did – even for a second, then I don’t think you can join my club.



Ranting & crushing

Monday, February 27th, 2012

The first time I ever saw a house that had been ‘done’ by a designer it bothered me. I would have been a youngen of about 14.

What bothered me then, is still the same as what bothers me today in the design world.

My friends family had engaged an ‘it’ designer of the era in Melbourne town. He had designed her bedroom in pretty pretty blue and white florals with ruffled cushions. All tasteful girly, nice and sweet.  Yes, it was the early 90′s.

Her 15 year old brothers room bothered me even more. It was decked out in terracotta and a lot of check pattern.  It was more fitting for a smoking jacket wearing 45 year old man, than for a teenage boy.

What bothered me about these rooms was that they did not reflect my friends personalities in the slightest. She was not & never would be a floral or ruffle kinda girl and as I got to know her hot brother (yep -some snogging might have happened!) he was not a smoking jacket kinda suave dude.

Perhaps they weren’t given much of an option by their parents, or given access to the the designer, but the fact that these rooms reflected absolutely none of the personalities of my friends has always bothered me. Years later as I embarked on my own design career I have often thought of these rooms to be absolute anti of my own design ethos.

To me the greatest challenge of my work and what keeps me inspired is getting to know the personalities of my clients. By getting to know them we can collaboratively a space that truly reflects their personalities & lifestyles. They are the ones living in the space, not me.

So as I start work on a project of 3 teen & tweenage girls bedrooms, I am taking up the challenge to create rooms for them that they can feel proud of as being a representation of themselves. With this particular project, I consider a good design to be creating rooms that will grow with them as their tastes change & develop through the next few years not just what they are now. I’m sure the 10 year olds current passion for purple will be dramatically different in 2 years time!

So there you have it, my rant for the day! Possibly not much point to it rather than getting it off my chest.

And now just to up the eye candy quota, here are some images of a very talented designer who I  have a designer crush on – Martyn Lawrence-Bullard He is an ‘it’ designer of the moment, & with very good reason!

His work oozes personality, & his portfolio is diverse & beautiful. He is not recreating the same thing over & over. Instead just really beautiful & individual work.

ah, now for the eye candy…


Deep in thought

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this last week thinking about knobs.

Oh no not that kind of knob you filthy minx… I’m thinking about cabinetry knobs.

Searching for some decent looking knobs (hey, stop it!) led me to these little numbers. They will look pretty special on some custom cabinetry I’ve got in the works.

For real, they will!

Still thinking about knobs.  This time  door knobs.

Did you know that the majority of door knobs on the market nowadays are pretty ugly?

Fact. (well opinion, but its my blog – so my way!)


Just when you thought I was solely thinking about knobs.  (don’t go there!) I also thought about towel rails.

This squared and simple number will fit perfectly into the bathroom project currently being installed.

As well as all the thinking,  I’ve also been wondering just what was on the mind of the creator of this stained glass window in my clients bathroom?

Hmm. Refer to pic 1?

To break up all the thinking, and all that wondering I do a fair bit of day dreaming too about schemes  I am working on…

So  day dreaming about just how awesome this wallpaper will look on the cathedral shaped ceiling in my clients bedroom. awesome!

And also day dreaming and about this scheme for a living room in an art deco house. so pretty!

So that’s it. Thats what is on my mind of late.

I’ve told you before that I am deep!


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I just made a bunch of coat racks into gum trees.  You know, as you do!

I’ll go on shall I!

I was invited to be a part of the first South Melbourne Scout festival, and as I seem to be saying YES! to random things that come my way these days, I said  yeah, OK! But, only if i could be pared with a local biz that I really like being Southwood Home & luckily Catherine from Southwood was really happy to have me too & so it was!

The creative challenge was to make an environmentally friendly window display from the products sold in the shop  and with a theme of a nursery rhymes, stories or myths.

We chose our theme to be that old song  Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree! (sorry if it now gets stuck in your head!)

So what I did:

  • Turned coat racks into gum trees
  • I made the gum leaves out of felt – some of which are felt coasters as sold in the store
  • ‘Grass’ floor is a shaggy green rug as sold in store
  • ‘Birds’ are Tea towels with Kookaburras strung up between the trees

These are the coat racks pre treeing! Very cute and a Southwood home’s own design

Close up of my gum leaves: I’ve gone with the ‘less is more’ approach!

The end result is a little forest of gum trees! – it looks simple, but effective and eye catching in the window! And with basically zero dollars spent on it, I am happy with the end result!

& just incase no one gets the theme, I popped this is the window to make it just that bit more obvious to the passes by!

I wonder if we will be called on for the last line in the song. Bring it on I say!


If you feel so inclined, you can vote for my window here. Just scroll down & select Southwood Home installation by Camilla Molders. You could win dinner to a naffy little cafe near by!! (those elsewhere in the world – you can still vote & we can deal with how once you’ve won!!)

& if you are in the area the festival is on THIS SUNDAY 19th Feb & mainly in Clarendon Street. There are lots of activities for one & all and performances by rock stars that were big in the 80′s & 90′s. hmm.

Either way, I’ll be around!



Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

And so this happened:

As found in the March 2012 issue of Home Beautiful Magazine .


I’ll admit it: I cant help but do a little happy dance and squeal with excitement when I see my name & work in glossy print!

Thank you HB for featuring my project and a HUGE thank you to my very lovely client for opening her home and allowing this to happen! I wont name you – but I know you silently lurk around this blog!


Happy Birthday Jen

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Happy birthday to my mumma. Today she turns 70 (though she doesn’t look a day over 66.5!!)

This is a picture of my mum and dad that I have framed in my office- I just love it. It was taken the day that my parents moved into their suburban dream home – which is the house that I grew up in & they still live in.

They look so proud! (Mum is centre back in the green shirt & headscarf. Dad is the dude with the impressive sideburns & checked shirt.)

As you can tell by the clothes, sideburns & table cloth:  it was the 1970′s! (by the 1980′s the whole house was basically a Laura Ashley & Liberty fabrics showroom!)


& being such an important family occasion, I couldn’t not share this… This is a portrait of  mum painted back in the day.

Recognise it? (oh, it hangs pride of place in my um, powder room!)

OK, so its probably highly likely/definitely not really her… But having seen pictures of her from the era it IS a splitting image of her. And to be honest, from the stories I’ve heard, she lived through the 60′s pretty well -so maybe she wouldn’t even remember posing for it!!!

Happy birthday Mum:  Love you!