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Spanish eye candy

Friday, October 14th, 2011

While trawling through my many bookmarked blogs I came accross this apartment that I  just wanted to move straight into.

thanking  The Designer Pad for this eye candy

(originals from Elle Decor Spain)



OK, so swap the Hessian upholstery for some linen, get rid of the black board wall (never been a fan – chalk dust = sneezy) & its just about perfect for me to move right in. I’m sure the current residents wont mind!

Aw thanks Jo!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

What a nice surprise to come across in my rather back logged RSS feed!

The super lovely Jo (who is in my opinion the blog god) of Desire to Inspire gave me a very lovely shout out for my House & Garden top 50 rooms feature on her Desire to Inspire! Thanks Jo!

I was very lucky to meet Jo earlier in the year when we were both invited to Sydney courtesy of Electrolux to have a very fine dinner at Testusyas. I loved her instantly! We giggled like teenagers & drank alot of wine. A. LOT!  Was a very fun evening!

Some pictures of the delicious food we ate are over on my CMD facebook page -here

& also, the on line gallery of the House & Garden top 50 rooms is here.


Ok. I think I’ve plugged my feature enough now….even I’M bored with it now!!!!


Conversations with creative women

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Every couple of months on a Saturday morning I take myself off somewhere in the city for a meeting of creative women. There is no freaky ritual or special hand shake required for entry – its just a room full of women who have creative businesses, there for the purpose of listening to another creative chick talk about the trials & tribulations of her business.

As I am a solo operator in my business,  I find it so inspiring to hear other peoples stories. Having your own business is hard – really hard ( & yes.. also awesome!) so hearing how other people manage really helps!

The meeting is the Creative Women’s Circle and is run & all organised by the very clever & super lovely Tess McCabe.

Tess is one of those people who always seem to be doing something or going somewhere interesting! I dont think she sits still much!

Her latest project has been to write a book – Converstations with Creative Women.  Im guessing you worked out from the title that its not a murder mystery or drama…its simply conversations with creative women!

I’ve pre ordered my copy already & really look forward getting my hands upon (um, I’m hoping an autographed copy!)

You can get yours here

Do it. seriously!

And spread the word! Tess has created this book all on her own – including marketing. Its a big job!