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um, I got GOT again.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I’ve gone and got myself tagged again! This time the lovely Qerat infected me!

The point again to share 6 things about myself. But with all this tagging going on, IMO struggling to keep up with new things to share, a girl has gotta keep some mystery you know!

So Im instead going to share some Randomania instead:

1. I was reliving some childhood memories the other day and You tube-ing the fabulous TV show from my childhood  Fraggle Rock! I came across this classic gem, which the fella and I decided should be the song to get us all motivated throughout this global recession!

Um, I am having all sorts of trouble uploading this video – so you will just have to expel that tiny bit of energy & click on the link to make it work instead! Doozers

2. My favoritest film of ALL time is the Labyrinth.

3. So, I will admit.. I have a bit of an obsession…. I cant get enough of coloured glass.

I just love it and have, um, quite a bit in my house…….








There is actually more than this, but the photos were even more crapola than these. So you will just have to believe me!

4. I cant throw away, give away or even loan out my design magazines. This does create a bit of a storage issue, but I deal. Each month I buy about 8-9 mags and I devour them and re-read many times over! (Also – happily these are a tax deduction, so that’s a happy ending!)

5. I still drink coffee daily. I never pretended I was going to give it up- just keeping you up to speed!

6. I love my iPhone and hate synthetic fabrics on upholstery.

Ah, six points = done.

I don’t want to give myself a reputation for being a girl who gives infections, so once again: dear readers and blogging friends, if you wanna, do it! If not, I wont hunt you down!!

Ah, it’s OH so quiet.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

And breath out again and hear ones thoughts… Ah, its gone and done for another year and I now have some peace and quiet once more. Ah. that’s nice. 

oh, best I fill you on on what I’m talking about! So you don’t feel all left out and unloved! 

So: I live (and work) a very short 2 blocks away from the  serene, peaceful and picturesque Albert Park lake. 

Quite pretty isn’t it! – on the edge of the city right by the bay….lovely -if you haven’t yet visited, you must – its lovely……. OK, that’s my tourist gathering bit done! 


Image via Flikr -Aumbody images

Image via Flikr -Aumbody images


Once a year, for 4 looong days the quiet lake transforms from the pretty picturesque lakeside it tis, into a Grand Prix circuit full of ear bleed loud cars, bucket loads of beer, busslings of busty broads and bogans!! 


Image via The Age - pic by Viki Lascaris

Image via The Age - pic by Viki Lascaris


Yesterday for a couple of hours I joined the busslings of busty broads and bogans and tottered track side to see what all the fuss and noise was about! In case you were unsure, its about ear bleed loud cars, bucket loads of beer, busty broads and plenty of bogans! AND that’s about it really!

Not being a car motor head person it is lost on me somewhat, but I do admit – its hard to not smile and get a grin from ear to ear when the giant mosquito roars past at 300kms an hour! 

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan


And I have to confess, I cant help but giggle like a school girl when the cool fighter planey things do their low flyovers!  Each day of the Grand Prix the plane roared repeatedly over my house sending Trevur the cat scuttling for the safety of under the bed and me into the street to watch it do air ‘doghnuts’. 

I think I might be a fighter pilot when I grow up. Except the fighting bit, and the fact that I am a grown up…

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan

Image via The Age - pic by John Donegan


The whole event finished up last night with a concert where 70′s rock gods (!?) The Who played on! I didn’t go to see them, but heard them live from my garden and repeatedly said to the fella : ‘Oh, I didn’t know they did THIS song!’ 

So that’s whats been going on in my ‘real’ world of late! Not very design worthy – but my blog so I can do what I want!!!

One of these days I will do a proper post once again, as I have been a little lax in that of late due to being really busy and important!!!!!

When the lights go out

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Where ever you live on the planet earth, at 8.30pm this Saturday it is Earth Hour.

So in preparation for an hour with the lights out, its candle time! What be more appropriate than this gorgeousie light globe candle from Queen B candles!

(Oh, and And just so you know it is even more perfect as its a non toxic emitting candle made from beeswax not paraffin like most other candles available – loving the Queen B candles!)

And the teacup candles are a bit special too!

I want me some!

Archicool #2

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Archicool is a title I have only bestowed once thus far on the Designalogue journey. Its an auspicious title(says me!)  that represents awesome architecture and super cleverness!  Number two for this title has been quite a while in the coming, but as it is the pinnacle of Architectural success, the title does not get handed out just willy-nilly!!

(Um, should be said that the lack of more structures to this title is due more to laziness/slackness of researching rather than the lack of super clever buildings!) 

Well, on with it….

When I stumbled across this piece of architectural fabulousness, I knew I had found ‘Archicool’ number two! Quite frankly I think this is one of the most inspiring houses I have ever seen. 

What I am I talking about?  

Take a look-see. 


Just a simple picturesque country barn house in Suffolk England.

Ah, gorgeous isn’t it!  Lets take another look to really appreciate its beauty. 

Hey – WHAT THE? 

Something is a goin on here… lets look again. 

Ah, what’s going on? Where did it go?

Well, its still there, but just slid back to expose the glass house underneath -now that be cool! 

As its totally worthy of another looksee, lets look at the night view. 

The sliding house designed by London based architecural firm DRMM photos by Dezeen 

To see more in action, check out the movie to truly grasp the fabulousness of this joint! 


World wide web once more

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


WOO HOO! FINALLY after a long intermission my new website is UP and on the world wide web once more! 

To have a looksee, click on here!

The gallery section is currently a little sparse -I have a few jobs ready to get photographed, but haven’t had the time to organise all the logistics! -Its hard work people!