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Over heated

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The crazy heat still continuing here. Its just horrible. Today makes 3 days in a row of 43+ degree heat (109 F) Never (in the history recording time periods) in Melbourne has there been this kind of heat for so many days, which is why I am exceptionally whiny about it! -oh, and no respite till Sunday. Ew.

I have cancelled all client meetings, due to the fact that I have lost the ability to string sentences together, and kind of gone on strike today of doing any ‘real’ work that I’s need to be doing.  So instead I thought I would waste me a lil time and find some eye candy pics to chill me out.

Sometimes, the only way to cool yourself off is to lie on the floor. So, with that in mind, I went searching for the right kind of floor to cool me down.

So starting with this number. Just perfect.

Cooling, soothing blue walls AND a snazzy silver leaf ceiling to gaze at, and if I get bored enough – I can count the silver leaf squares above me!


But I cant settle for the first offer, that would be unsportsman like  -or perhaps just make a boring post!

So quickly moving on then….

The white tiled floor looks cool to the touch. Though I’m not quite sure about the doors.

I do love me some coloured glass, but this might just disturb my intended floor ‘zen’.



OH, I’ AM feeling the cross breeze here.

Living Etc

Living Etc

As a passionate lover of bamboo floors, (I will rant out the fabulousness of bamboo floors on another occasion – too hot to rant right now!) so I cant pass up an opportunity to roll and flail around on this one!

(kinda dig the sneaky red trim on the bottom of the sofa here too!)



I’m thinking that slate will definitely be  cool to the touch. But the hairy creature (yak?) is freaking me out a little, and just imagine the damage those horns would do to me if say I went into a heat induced hallucination or something. So No thank you.

Office for word and image

Office for word and image

Bingo. Concrete. This is what I need.

Please excuse me for a moment whilst I make snow angel shapes on the cool concrete floor.

Office for word and image

Office for word and image

Hmm, but this one looks cooler – not as much direct sun so I think i might settle here for a while.

So don’t mind me, just step around if you need to.  I may be here a while.

Living etc

Living etc

the tree fell, and they heard it.

Friday, January 30th, 2009

This week in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, a 223 year old, 25 metre high Purple Beech tree that was planted for Marie Antoinette, fell to its death due to what I will technically term crazy winds.


What makes me sad is that this beautiful tree will now just become paper pulp.

Just a thought, but why not craft this into something awesome -like some incredible furniture?

It just seems like such a waste.  I wonder if this kind of timber is just un-useable for anything else?

I wonder……

Pic via the Brisbane times


Thursday, January 29th, 2009

PPPhewy it is HOT. Crazy hot.

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Melbourne town and its nasty.  

I’m talking 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) -bloody HOT! a due to last for dayzzzzzzzzzzzz still. 

Its just uncivilised. 

So today I am pretending that my office is right through those curtains there. When the mood strikes I can just take a few steps and then flop into the pool….

Aaahh, I feel my blood cooling down already…..


Office for word and image

Office for word and image

The reality is not so, but it doesnt hurt to dream! 


This afternoon I have a client meeting in a very hot home that currently has no window furnishings so just has hot hot sun beaming in. The only thing to look forward to here is that its quite a drive out to site, and my lovely car has fabulous air con – so the ride will be sweet.

Hmm, maybe I can have the meeting IN the car?  

I’m serious too.  Hmm, bit hard measuring things though…


Aahh Im melting…….

Well good morning.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Can you imagine waking up to this puss cats kooky smile everyday?

M Group Architecture and Design


I wake up to the real thing, Trevurr the cat- often slapping me in the mouth and staring me down.

I have decided its not creepy, its just his very intense love for me!!!

Eye candy for the arty!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

All I’ve got in me today is a bit of randomania art eye candy. 


Office for Word and Image


Images from Office for Word and Image

Shedding the light on a rainy night.

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

I think this is very cool indeed. So cool that when I saw it I said ‘Oh, that’s SO cool” – out-loud and to myself… 

Simply put, and as non technical as can possibly be (due to my non scientific, non technical brain!), its an umbrella that harnesses the energy from the falling rain and lights up to make you more visible to the surrounding wet world. 




I am not for a minute going to pretend I understand any of HOW this works, so for more info go here and here

However, this means no more lurking on a dark rainy night. IF that be your thing… I wont judge.

Shame we don’t have much use for it here in my Melbourne town – being in a bad possibly global warming related drought and all!

Im checking in.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

And good luck checking me outta there….


I spied this over at Dales’ HDI Blog and felt the need to on-share as it makes me sigh with a heart warming AHH. I love it. I love it. I just love it. I want to jump on that bed and wrap myself in the rainbow blanket before my eyes.  

Hmm. Too much? 

This bed of yum is one of Missoni’s ‘designer’ hotels set to open in both Edinburgh or Kuwait later in the year and also explains the Missoni product all over it! 

I’m checking me in, but think I will head Edinburgh way, as Kuwait is still a little close to the action for my comfort!


You know, I’ve been pondering a lately: I wonder what it means that I am a girl who is pretty much dressed head to toe in black day after day -HATES wearing colour, but have decorated my own home with a HEAP of colour? Really, is there a psychological issue here? 

Oh mother Oprah, show me the way…

Maybe she could do an ‘expose’ on people who need colour?

Just saying, thats all. 


Oh and another thing I feel the need to on-share. In case you lot over in other parts of the blogosphere world think I’m all crazy with the spelling – fear not, here in Australia – we spell colour with the U in it.

We also drive on the other side of the road to you and supposedly our water goes down the drain clockwise to your anti-clockwise. 

Don’t judge, diversity is a GOOD thing people!

Oh other non country specific spelling mistakes are just part of the quaint gal I am!! 

Simply diggin it.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I dig this. Vintage suitcases used as display cases in a london retail store.


Images via the Shoot Factory

Oh and Happy New Year people!! Cheers to a good one!