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Fish. Again!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

OK, so I didn’t out-rightly admit it the last time I posted about it…so I guess I should fess up now before you think I’m weird!!! But…I have a bit of a fish fetish! NOT in a creepy left of centre type way!!! Mine is purely innocent and artful!!! (But who am I to judge!  So if you have found your way here through googling fish fetish, then please, stay. Have a look around -maybe you will like what you see?!!!)

So what I’m into is the fish form used in art! See, innocent isn’t it!!! – Ain’t I!!!!

Maybe its something about the freedom of their form?

Eh. what ever, I just really dig em!

These are the latest of my slowly growing collection! I found them over on etsy and just HAD to have them! Loved what I saw – So I got me some!

More of  Lexy Art at Etsy  here

Oddly, I don’t like owning real fish! They annoy me!!!

Get me one, get me one…

Monday, September 29th, 2008

I’m excited! I want one, I gotta get me one! (Yes,I know, more consumerism on my part -but hey! it might help stop a global recession – are YOU doing YOUR part?!!!!!)

A sun shade umbrella for the garden by day, and a kooky lamp like light by night! How brilliant, simple and brilliant!

And the best thing is – its solar powered with flexible solar cells on the cover of the parasol which collect energy from the sun during the day.

Come sun down, it knows what its time for, and makes the transition to night light all on its own - just like a mechanical flower!

Genius! I LOVE it!

More information on clever Sun Shade designer Lianne Van Genugten here. (check out the little filmy thing -so clever!)

By day...the usual garden umberella

By day...the usual garden umbrella

By night... super cute garden light!

By night... super cute garden light!

Its such a bad case of Mondayitis!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

I’m totally suffering from Monday-itis today! I just cant quite get my head into work… I HAVE tried!

I even went to two cafes with serious work intentions in mind. One, I was distracted by a crazy dog and a kid who was blowing massive snot bubbles! Two, I even had my folder and an inspiration book -I totally looked the part, but that wasn’t enough to get over the line! My head kept wandering…into nowhere land!

So when I finally returned from my little afternoon sojourn, I was flipping around the Blogosphere, where I found something at “The Claw” that kept my occupied and quite amused for a little while! Its a Japanesse website where you can upload your own photos, and it makes them look ‘ye-oldy’ style!

Here are the results of this afternoon procrastination session! (It could be kinda work related! – they are my work!)

I think I will use the picture of me in my new CMD website that is finally happening very soon!- the picture done normally looks far to serious & up tight!-this version is a bit more chilled -me thinks!

Try with your own pictures here! Now I’m done with the work pics, I reckon I can waste me a bit more time with some friends pics!! (I hope my head is better tomorrow! Ive got so much work to get through!!)

Thought I might splash out, get me a little something pretty…

Monday, September 29th, 2008

So I was thinking about using some spare change to buy this little pad in my neighbourhood…

The only problem is its only got six bedrooms and five bathrooms – I was hoping for a few more!!!

Priced at a cool five and a half mill – thats all!!!?!!

Check more of it out here

As a designer, what I would DO to get my hands on something like this!

SO much potential for gorgeousness of greatness!! It kinda saddens me that the current furnishings are nasty! -Such a house deserves respect! NO wooden Venetians (hey, don’t yell at me!- they are OK in the right setting – this is not the right setting!) and NO heavy modern wanna-be leather sofas! Old character houses don’t have to be twee!

Please, someone buy it and then let me at it!!

Bachelor Pad Design Crisis!!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

The lovelies over at Design-Crisis have set a challenge in the spirit of US TV show “Top Design” (a show of which I can only view via You tube, as its not shown here in Aus!)

(psst – Side note to Australian TV land – please DO NOT attempt to copy or Australian-ize Top Design. Australian TV designers have enough to answer for already!!!) 

Karly, one half of the Design-Crisis witty duo, was feeling rather un-inspired by the latest episode and couldn’t bring herself to write the expected ‘sarky’ post on the previous nights episode.  - Having viewed only a small section of this via you tube, I can totally understand why! dude & decoupage do not a bachelor pad make!

So a challenge has been set – find some ‘Hot man decor porn!’ and this is MY contribution! 

I think this is THE perfect bachelor pad!!! AS seen in the fabulous 2003-ish film ‘Down with Love!’ 

Ticks all those obligatory bachelor pad-ness things: built in bar, wood panelling, Navy! and ofcourse a mechanical sofa which with a flick of a switch and alas, a bed awaits!! – ah, the convenience is genius!! 

Ooh la-la! 


Down with Love

Down with Love


Awesome film set - Down with Love

Man Pad - Down with Love


And I cant NOT show the equally fabulous ‘chick-lette’ pad complete with sweeping stair case and sunken lounge and pink sofa! And is that a fire pit i see?! Also SO Ooh la la!! 

Chicklettes apartment -equally impressive! - Down with love film set

Chicklettes apartment

So do I win? do I, do I?!!!!

I have the perfect spot for the Lamborghini poster offered as the prize!!

Just diggin it

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I love this picture - exuberant elegance in a crappy warehouse! 


Fab chandy by Yellow Goat Design 

Obsession Confession: I dream of genie..

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

I do love a genie bottle! I’m talking specifically about the ‘glass genie’ variety.

NOT the creepy genie pop out of and grant three wishes type of bottle!

I have collected these for a few years now, and only recently did I start a thinking about what IF a genie did pop out of one? (apart from freak out and question my sanity that is!) What would my three wishes be?

This IS quite the trixty question. Certain things must be thought about are there consequences to each wish? (aka the Hollywood movie type of genie wish)

Do I wish for selfish purposes?

Can I just end wish three with three more wishes and repeat that over and over (this one really should be discussed early on with said genie.)

Do I wish for the greater good of the people and planet?

Oooh what to do?!!!

Whilst I ponder these big issues, here are some pretty pictures with said genie bottles!…





Buck House Antiques
Buck House Antiques
Woodson and Rummerfield

Woodson and Rummerfield

via If the Lamp Shade Fits

via If the Lamp Shade Fits

Whoopsie! the ever devoted loyal Designalogue reader ‘fella’ has pointed out my very oops spelling mishap in this post! (which has now been corrected for those who didnt see!!!!) Turns out, ‘genie’ isn’t the same spelling as hit the ol fav T show ‘I dream of jeannie’! well, now i know!!

I just gotta have it!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

So very near the top of my “I just gotta have” list, (yeah, you KNOW you got one too!) are these gorgouesies: Sculptures by day, light sculptures by night – SO fabulous!! I love love LOVE them! and I want want WANT!!

Made and designed here in Melbourne town by the very clever Chris and Timothea at Lump Sculpture Studio.

Aah, they are SO beautiful! see for yourself, I know you’ll agree!!




These are some I’ve just had installed in a clients courtyard. That’s definitely another perk of this job! – I get to live out things I love in others houses!!!

CMD courtyard sneak peak

CMD courtyard sneak peak

No longer just an Aussie secret, these are now available in the US through Designs Abroad

Im not fickle, but…

Friday, September 19th, 2008

No Really – I’m not the fickle type!

But if this ‘new look’ of design diva is anything to go by, then I officially DE-design crush Ms Kelly Wearstler.

Mauve and grey (yeah, its close enough to be!) is a way too 1980′s for my design sensibilities! I’m all for colour, but NOT that combination!

I was a child of the 80′s, and now as a grown-up, I’m in the ‘biz’ of making peoples houses look awesome – which in some cases means DE mauve and greying the joint!  Why ruin ALL that good work?

No no NO ! Ruffled suede ankle boots are enough to contend with! Please people – hear me & say NO!

Domino header

Domino mag

oh yeah – I reserve the right to change my mind at ANY time!!!

Psst: I DO like the painting though!

All images via “if the lamp shade fits” – a blogette whose tag names alone have me a gigglin!

A little help?…Name this plant!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Just a lill help required…. and I am hoping someone out there in blog-land can help me!

I have been looking for this plant here in Australia as I am hoping to use it for some planter boxes for a client.  Its not a common plant here, (well in Melbourne anyway?)  and all the nursery staff that I have spoken to about it give me blank and empty stares…  so I’m giving up on them, and putting it out to the blogosphere!

So do YOU know?

I’m thinking it is a bamboo variety???

Any one?….. If you do, you will need to tell me in the written form, as of late, my telepathic skills are on the fritz!!!

William Hefner Architecture - via Desire to Inspire

William Hefner Architecture - via Desire to Inspire