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Deep in thought

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this last week thinking about knobs.

Oh no not that kind of knob you filthy minx… I’m thinking about cabinetry knobs.

Searching for some decent looking knobs (hey, stop it!) led me to these little numbers. They will look pretty special on some custom cabinetry I’ve got in the works.

For real, they will!

Still thinking about knobs.  This time  door knobs.

Did you know that the majority of door knobs on the market nowadays are pretty ugly?

Fact. (well opinion, but its my blog – so my way!)


Just when you thought I was solely thinking about knobs.  (don’t go there!) I also thought about towel rails.

This squared and simple number will fit perfectly into the bathroom project currently being installed.

As well as all the thinking,  I’ve also been wondering just what was on the mind of the creator of this stained glass window in my clients bathroom?

Hmm. Refer to pic 1?

To break up all the thinking, and all that wondering I do a fair bit of day dreaming too about schemes  I am working on…

So  day dreaming about just how awesome this wallpaper will look on the cathedral shaped ceiling in my clients bedroom. awesome!

And also day dreaming and about this scheme for a living room in an art deco house. so pretty!

So that’s it. Thats what is on my mind of late.

I’ve told you before that I am deep!


Spanish eye candy

Friday, October 14th, 2011

While trawling through my many bookmarked blogs I came accross this apartment that I  just wanted to move straight into.

thanking  The Designer Pad for this eye candy

(originals from Elle Decor Spain)



OK, so swap the Hessian upholstery for some linen, get rid of the black board wall (never been a fan – chalk dust = sneezy) & its just about perfect for me to move right in. I’m sure the current residents wont mind!

I wanna

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I really really really want to put this super hot fabric

on to this super hot chair:

With the white legs & studding around the frame- so awesomely gorgeous.

Don’t you think?

but…..budgets & the realities of life spoil all my fun!


My kinda beautiful

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Ah. This is my kinda beautiful.

The colours, textures and balance are the biz. I could live here.

This loveliness is the work of Robert Courturier who I came across on one of my favourites in the  blogosphere  - Design Crisis.




Friday, June 24th, 2011

I do realise its Winter down here in my part of the world, but that doesn’t stop a girl dreaming!

I want this. I want this bad.

Since seeing it on Linda’s blog the other day (who is also the creator of such lovelies) I keep thinking about it.

I think it would look very cool in my tiny little yard off this room:

Nothing to do but hatch a plan to make it happen!

Ship it all thanks.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

I need a big boat and OOOoooodles of money -stat!

Can you help?

In case you need a little more information before you open your wallet, I guess I can elaborate…

Its for ALL this:

and then also this:

And this too:


So you may ask why? or even how this can be?

20th century props is closing down and all of the above is in need of a new home – So why not mine?

I’m sure I could make over 120,000 square feet of props, antiques and unique items ranging from the Ancient to futuristic all work in my 3 bedroom inner city house!

If you wont pony up the cash for the lot, then at least let me have these goodies:

A lion cage -think of it as a play den for Trevurr the cat.

A space ship cock pit for the fella.

And this for me:

The Austin Powers pod. I think it would be the perfect spot for a secret nap!

If you wont let me have any of that, then the least you could do is let have this:

And the reason for that, should be quite self explanatory….

So, whose in then?

Obsession confession and I hit the hundy!

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I’ve dropped the blog ball of late. um, sorry about that! The real world has had my attention some what -saving the world from hideous curtains here, upholstery mishaps over there.  busy, busy days!?! Oh and the glamour of it all!!! 

So anyway, here I am again! And this just happens to be post be number 100 for Designalogue blog! It took a while, but eventually I got here! 

I was hoping my 100th post would be a  well-researched, full eye candied post….I wont build your hopes for that! Just some eye candy today and a bit of an obsession confession. 

The obsession is simple really, glassed garage doors and Barton Myers architects. The two combined together -well magic is made!!  



Clever architects Barton Myers designed this steel framed house using glass garage type doors along one entire side of the house which of course allow the entire space to be opened up. Aah, imagine all that fresh mountain air pouring through! 

I love it, so lets look at is some more from the inside – though from teeny tiny pictures as that’s all I could get my hands on. Squint, you will see better! 




The extra genius and fabulousness of this house is its been designed and built with the surroundings in mind. As its in an area prone to wild fires, the house has a reflecting pond on its roof which as well as a fire repellent, also assists in keeping the house cool. All the glass windows have fire shutters, so if a fire comes calling, the house is shut up tight and looks like no one is home.

This sort of forward thinking architecture would have saved many lives if it was implemented in my home town of Melbourne during the recent tragic bush fires. more on that here. 


Here is another picture of another house designed in the same vein, again  by Barton Myers.

Just more eye candy that I swoon over! 

Ok, just some more random eye candy I found along the same lines. Personally, i think it works pretty much anywhere! 

via Desire to Inspire

via Desire to Inspire


Via Design Sponge

Via Design Sponge


Via home & Design

Via home & Design


via Canadian Architect

via Canadian Architect


So this doesnt have the doors of my obsession, but for its overall fabulousness I will overlook that! and move in anyway! 

via Richard Powers

via Richard Powers


Images via Richard Powers, Barton Myers, Bustler, Flikr, Home & Design, Canadian Architect


Archicool #2

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Archicool is a title I have only bestowed once thus far on the Designalogue journey. Its an auspicious title(says me!)  that represents awesome architecture and super cleverness!  Number two for this title has been quite a while in the coming, but as it is the pinnacle of Architectural success, the title does not get handed out just willy-nilly!!

(Um, should be said that the lack of more structures to this title is due more to laziness/slackness of researching rather than the lack of super clever buildings!) 

Well, on with it….

When I stumbled across this piece of architectural fabulousness, I knew I had found ‘Archicool’ number two! Quite frankly I think this is one of the most inspiring houses I have ever seen. 

What I am I talking about?  

Take a look-see. 


Just a simple picturesque country barn house in Suffolk England.

Ah, gorgeous isn’t it!  Lets take another look to really appreciate its beauty. 

Hey – WHAT THE? 

Something is a goin on here… lets look again. 

Ah, what’s going on? Where did it go?

Well, its still there, but just slid back to expose the glass house underneath -now that be cool! 

As its totally worthy of another looksee, lets look at the night view. 

The sliding house designed by London based architecural firm DRMM photos by Dezeen 

To see more in action, check out the movie to truly grasp the fabulousness of this joint! 


Hand over the keys please.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

In the current issue of Australian shelter mag Inside Out, there is photographic proof of what I have long suspected is true. The Truman show is real, and yes, I am the star of it.

Can you pick it up where you are in the world?!!! Do you get reception?

Anyway, the photographic proof of which I speak is a house that has long been in MY head: the location – Byron Bay Hinterland (soooo beautiful there), the of view of rolling hills I desire to stare out at, just the whole sensibility of the joint being a well thought out sustainable build and I even dig the frisky red rabbit keeping an eye on things!

If it turns out the Truman/Camilla show isn’t a happening (ah, doubt that!), then the architect and current* home owner  Sharon Fraser and I are kindred spirits cause I love it so.


The bunny is on the lookout for me!


Are sunken lounges making a come back?


Yeah, those are views I could look at.


Not such a bad scene to wake up to

Now this, is very cool indeed.

If you are wanting the TV to be the focus of the room its just like magic-now you see it… but suddenly there is more to life and you don’t want the tele to be the focus of all – so whoosh and kaboom and now you don’t!

If that doesn’t quite explain to your liking, then try this instead: Using a mechanical rope and pulley system, the painting moves up or down to cover the TV screen or not. The concept is way impressive anyway – but then in this case its a painting of fish – well, that just rocks my world people!


This rocks my world

Obviously for those who know me once I move in there will be many many more cushions (Yes, this yet another admission of ‘interior’ addictions I have)  undoubtedly  more colour and general stuff -you know a nick-nak or two!!! But I am confident it will still do it all justice!

And so how about a round of applause for my first scan job here at Designalogue!!!

Oh thank you, thank you! Now if I can only work out how to capture an image in a site using Flash……. (you people seem to do so, but I no can!)

Photographs by Richard Powers

*current – consider this marching orders! I’m moving in – oh but don’t freak out or anything i will be nice about it all!!


Thursday, January 29th, 2009

PPPhewy it is HOT. Crazy hot.

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Melbourne town and its nasty.  

I’m talking 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) -bloody HOT! a due to last for dayzzzzzzzzzzzz still. 

Its just uncivilised. 

So today I am pretending that my office is right through those curtains there. When the mood strikes I can just take a few steps and then flop into the pool….

Aaahh, I feel my blood cooling down already…..


Office for word and image

Office for word and image

The reality is not so, but it doesnt hurt to dream! 


This afternoon I have a client meeting in a very hot home that currently has no window furnishings so just has hot hot sun beaming in. The only thing to look forward to here is that its quite a drive out to site, and my lovely car has fabulous air con – so the ride will be sweet.

Hmm, maybe I can have the meeting IN the car?  

I’m serious too.  Hmm, bit hard measuring things though…


Aahh Im melting…….