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Adventures abroad

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Wow. What a week I have had… I was invited to work along side a Chinese design firm on some display apartments in Shenzhen China. A great opportunity that came my way at the perfect time, I couldn’t not go.  So last week to China I went!

It was incredibly inspiring, satisfying,amazing and very exhausting. A LOT to get accomplished in only 3 days.

Here is some of what I got up to:

This is the design office where the firm I was working with are based. Its a large loft with a centre section that is open to the air that has a huge 2 storey antique Chinese gate and a long antique table (stupidly I didn’t take a better picture off, so what I’m talking about is seen through the glass)  The staff have their meals here togther each day. Including their 2.5 hour daily lunch breaks which involve a hearty meal followed by a snooze at their desks! With all that rice at lunch I really needed a snooze too!

The purpose of my trip was to put together 5 display apartments that will be in these apartment buildings. The Chinese design team had put together the concepts for each apartment, my job was to pull all of that together and go over what they have done & make sure it all flowed.

I was taken to the design district. These buildings are filled with all sorts of  design furnishings. They are HUGE. I saw 6 of these buildings (there would be more) and each one is 8 floors high and all filled with every kind of interior products that  you could imagine.  Some good, some awesome & a whole lotta crap!

Inside one of the design centre buildings.

I spent 2 solid days in this store selecting all of the furnishing fabrics for 5 apartments.  (may explain the blurry picture!) It was very full on!

I had a team assisting me, but only one of which spoke English. I would describe what I was looking for ie “a cream coloured upholstery with a bit of texture” that would be translated and about 10 people who would then  go searching for that amongst the piles of fabric sample  books & present it back to me.  The Chinese taste is far more ‘shiny’ than mine, so I constantly had to keep that in check so that the whole scheme wouldn’t be so shiny shiny!

Oh & always, ALWAYS someone had a camera on me. its a very weird feeling being constantly focussed upon. I so feel in tune with Brad & Ange now….!

Some of the selections made (hmm…looking very shiny!)

Interior Design Melbourne

interior design melbourne

And then done.

Here I am ( the blonde one!) with some of the design team when we had just finished. I was exhausted as is very clear in this picture! (just to be clear, I am sitting down! if standing my head would maybe be out of frame!!)

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

In the next few days I will post  about the hotel I stayed at which had a life size pirate ship, a Ferrari grand piano & the staff dressed as matadors.  All true!

Tomorrow is only a day away

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I have a suspicion that mother nature is trying to tell us something? crazy shit happening all over the world.

With all of this going on I need to check out for a bit. So Im jumping on a jet plane and going to Koh Samui in Thailand where I will have a pretty awesome view of the lunar perigee as well as drink many many many cheap beers and rainbow coloured cocktails – and be the receiver of daily massages.

Usually when fella and I travel, we do the budget accommodation thing where we pay extra for the bed bugs. Not this time!

This time we are being a bit fancy & staying in a beach front villa with our own swimming pool.  I cant take any of the credit for the location – we are going with a group of friends for a wedding, some super traveller friends found us all a crazy bargain – 50% off! sweet deal!

Ahh.  So while the world turns, the next 10 days for me will be go a little like this:

I will be spending A LOT of time in this pool – my villas private pool thank you! I plan of rolling out of bed straight into the pool first up to freshen up, cool down,  chill out, sober up  and for every other reason and no reason at all!

In all likeliness there will be a lot of over indulging, so I will do my best to read at least one book -even if I dont take it all in…I will at least turn the pages? (um, I’m hoping there is a comfy sofa or day bed behind that coffee table!)

At least once: because it would be a wasted opportunity to not bathe under the giant moon in my outdoor bath.

Bathroom details ….its pretty picture!!

Its quite probable that I will be found lounging upon these:   a cocktail or 2 in hand, with my posture getting all the more slumpy as the day proceeds!

Watching the sun set from the other resorts swimming pool -this one has a swim up bar. Uh oh – that could be trouble!

AS that cute little orphan Annie sang – “tomorrow, tomorrow its only a dayyyyyy awayyyy.”
Annie Bring it ON!

oh, and mother nature:  I’m listening.

Crystal clever

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I just spied this over at HD Inspirations Blog and felt the need to on share the cleverness:  Real crystal decanters used  as pendant lighting at the Conquine Bar in London.

Just goes to show pretty much anything can be made into an awesome light fitting!

Im checking in.

Monday, January 5th, 2009

And good luck checking me outta there….


I spied this over at Dales’ HDI Blog and felt the need to on-share as it makes me sigh with a heart warming AHH. I love it. I love it. I just love it. I want to jump on that bed and wrap myself in the rainbow blanket before my eyes.  

Hmm. Too much? 

This bed of yum is one of Missoni’s ‘designer’ hotels set to open in both Edinburgh or Kuwait later in the year and also explains the Missoni product all over it! 

I’m checking me in, but think I will head Edinburgh way, as Kuwait is still a little close to the action for my comfort!


You know, I’ve been pondering a lately: I wonder what it means that I am a girl who is pretty much dressed head to toe in black day after day -HATES wearing colour, but have decorated my own home with a HEAP of colour? Really, is there a psychological issue here? 

Oh mother Oprah, show me the way…

Maybe she could do an ‘expose’ on people who need colour?

Just saying, thats all. 


Oh and another thing I feel the need to on-share. In case you lot over in other parts of the blogosphere world think I’m all crazy with the spelling – fear not, here in Australia – we spell colour with the U in it.

We also drive on the other side of the road to you and supposedly our water goes down the drain clockwise to your anti-clockwise. 

Don’t judge, diversity is a GOOD thing people!

Oh other non country specific spelling mistakes are just part of the quaint gal I am!! 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Monday, October 13th, 2008

 No…its a floating whale!

No, you are NOT having one of those ‘special‘ flashbacks!!!! What you see is real – or will be in 2009 when this floating hotels’ prototype will be in the skies near you! (well – that is if you live along the Paris -Rome route!) 

I saw this over at Dales Hospitality & Design blog & couldn’t resist to on-post!


Stop by Dales’ blog to check out the video and more info on French designer Jean-Marie Massauds’  ’Manned Cloud’ spaceship. 

How weirdly cool, odd/frightening this is!!