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House & Garden top 50

Friday, October 4th, 2013

I went to a rather lovely party this week. It was the launch for Australian House & Garden magazines annual top 50 rooms.

The party was held at an event space called Twotonmax in North Melbourne. Its a cool venue that is a blank space that can be frocked up to suit any occasion.

Im not sure who did the styling for this do, but it looked very special with flower garlands & fairy lights suspended overhead which set a great party mood!

This picture was posted on instagram by House & Garden prior to guests arriving. So, before it got messed up!

Surprise surprise – I took a blurry pic of the flower pretties (my title of worst photographer ever isn’t going anywhere quickly!)  But if you squint & tilt your head a little, you can see that it is pretty!

Two large screens projected the images of the rooms that feature in this issue.

& looksee – that is my kitchen project up on the big screen! woohoo! I made the cut for this years top 50 rooms!

And here tis in the glossy pages of the magazine!

My hot date for the evenings celebrations was the lovely Martina Gemmola who was the photographer of my projects picture.

We glam’d ourselves up for the eve & joined the party for a bit of ra ra! Despite me not being in top ra ra form, it was a great night & lovely to meet some of the H&G Sydney team & some designers from interstate who has made the trip down for the do!

This is the second time my work has been included in the top 50, my first being in 2011 for my dining room. See that here .

The November issue hits the shelves on Monday & its a good one!

Its a great honour to be featured, so thank you House & Garden magazine!

CMD project – warehouse happenings

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

I’m pretty excited to share with you the results of a recent photo shoot with the excellent Martina Gemmola of one of my recent projects.

I’ve shared some of this project before. You can looksee here for what Im talking about or a refresher!


Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Still some finishing details for this project to come -I have custom designed a rug for the living room (can not wait to see it!) and some cool furniture for the entrance too. Its been an exciting project to be involved with as its such a unique space.

Kudos to the architect on this project Robert Miles who designed really great bones for this space. I’d like to think our interior designs & finish choices have enhanced his original vision!

So this happened

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I was rather chuffed to hear the news this week that I had a won a award for 2 of my projects in the inaugural Your Future Home Green Interiors Awards!

I won 2 of the categories!

One for my bamboo bathroom project:


& the second for my bamboo kitchen project


The major sponsor & one of the judges was Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict had some particularly lovely words to say about my projects:

“Camilla Molders so impressed us that she won both the kitchen and bathroom categories. These rooms in her Elwood project made great use of bamboo, a renewable and durable material. It also looks fantastic and gives the kitchen and bathroom a much warmer feel than you’d usually expect. I loved the handmade Australian tiles and the environmentally friendly paint choices too.”

Well, isnt that a bit nice!

More on Your Future Home here.





Project happenings

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of working with the very lovely chick & super excellent photographer Martina Gemmola. We shot a project that I have previously shared with you  here & then a little more here. And because I’m a caring sharing lass (sometimes with an over-sharing tendency -truth be told!)  Im going to share even more of it!

So checks it out!


Thank you Martina! You were such a pleasure & great fun to work with!!

Before & After -with a little sumpin sumpin!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Its about time to share another before & after dont you think! Well I do, & I think I’ve established Im the boss of this Blog!

Moving on… This project was a classic case of good house gone bad!

The house is a beautiful art deco house found in a Melbourne beach side suburb & was a victim of a 1980′s renovation resulting in a weird cramped, ugly & dark kitchen.


You know the pictures above are before shots right? right?!

As the house was in need of structural work (it very clearly leaned to one corner – great for indoor skateboarding & Tonka truck playing, but not so much for general living!) we were able to make bigger changes than just cosmetic. The architect on the project had the genius idea of swapping the kitchen over from one side of the room to the other which allowed an entrance to be opened up & a line of sight right through the house (also letting more light in) rather than sticking with the weird rabbit burrow as it was.

True to form – this site shot does include a shot of my hand bag!

I was quite excited to see the kitchen go in & I was not disappointed. I had designed it to be more like a fixture in the house rather thadiving n a feature. My client was determined to have dark timber floors (so SO beautiful, but a b*#ch to keep clean – stock up on swiffers if you want dark floors!) so we chose a dark timber veneer for the kitchen cabinetry so it was quite seamless.

To bring a little sumpin sumpin & personality to the kitchen design I added a copper kicker.

The contrast of the copper with the dark floor & cabinetry looks quite WOW! (no, I will not say WOW factor! - I ban that saying on my projects!- true story!)

The copper just adds a ‘little special’ & brings such life to the space without overpowering the simplicity.

I loves it. I loves it hard.

Oh & when I say I added – I mean very literally I -being ME! I was the one down on that floor installing it! I can not ever be accused of not being ‘hands on’ on my projects!

And so here is the finished kitchen result:

The picture above is a shot I took – as you can see my hands in the mirrored splash back above!

The following pictures were taken by the builders to showcase their clever handy work!  (Once a few more furniture pieces are in, I will get my own pretty pictures taken with non builder eye styling done!!)

And from this angle


Due to one of those real life annoying things – budgets! we are yet to replace the furniture, but will over time.

See the carpet there on the stairs – its Alpaca wool. Ah, so divine! Its hard to resist a little roll around on it! (oh but i did…)

The window furnishings have all been installed & they also made my heart skip a beat! We have put Roman blinds through out & then two large windows in the living room have been dressed with a linen sheer with a simple S Fold heading & block out blinds hiding underneath. The black rod pics up the dark floor & once we have replaced the furniture with gorgeous big linen sofas & gorgeous things – the space will look stunning!

To quote my clients message to me once she saw the window furnishings installed ” I F*****g  love them SO much! Thank you, now my house looks like a home!” I think its safe to say she is happy!

Do you think I should use that message as a testimonial on my website?!

And just a snippet of the laundry. Perhaps the prettiest laundry I’ve ever seen!

Still a fair bit to happen on this project, but it is coming together beautifully- it makes me happy!


Domestic goddess

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Domestic goddess I am not.  I’ve only just come to terms with the fact that I dont have a fairy god mother who is going to clean up after me. (For an all too brief & fabulous time I did have a house cleaner who would clean those things you don’t even think about like light switches, door knobs  & ovens! (or is that just me?) But then I got de-facto divorced & couldnt keep her any more. I think her loss saddened me the most. I kid…but do I?!) So domestic products & wot nots were just not something I wouldn’t really spend much time thinking about. That was until on one of my exotic travels to the local IGA supermarket, I came accross something that made me really question ‘who am I?’

Until then I didn’t know I was the kinda girl to be excited -genuinely excited by something so domestic like a dish brush!

But I did. And after a lot of soul searching  it turns out I am!

In my defence, I think you would be too. You see its not a plastic dish thingy – it’s bamboo & kinda pretty as far as dish thingys go!

Maybe my love for this is more about the feel than the look. The bamboo handle feels so nice to hold & being a tactile lass, I just loves its feelin! Literally & figuratively (hmm…is that the right word?eh..) as it’s one of those feel good sustainable guilt free AND useful products!

The important sustainable credentials:

  • The handle is made from bamboo which is uber sustainable product as it grows at the speed of light -Fact* & finished with natural oils. Not toxic nasties.
  • The bristles & brush head are made of recycled plastic

Oh & it also works pretty well at cleaning stuff.  Fancy that – kinda pretty AND practical!

So my domestic goddess tip for you – spend the 7 ish bucks on a Full circle dish brush. When you have, get back to me & confirm your love of it- maybe we can form a club or something?!


Please note:

This is not a sponsored post. Bizarrely I do have a genuine love for these.

*Bamboo does not grow at the speed of light. But if you thought it did – even for a second, then I don’t think you can join my club.



A midweek adventure

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

I’m a very lucky girl and this is a wordy post. So be prepared!

I’ll go on, shall I! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being flown up to Sydney and attend an intimate dinner and master-class with chef Tetsuya Wakuda at his world class restaurant, Testsuya’s, courtesy of Electrolux.

The evening started with some bollie in hand and watching Tetsuya whip up some delicious goodies in his beautiful kitchen co-designed with the team from Electrolux.

It’s a kitchen I think few would snub their noses at: A huge carrera marble island bench sits front and centre with kickers set back so it appears to float in the centre of the room. Complete with induction cooktops,  tap-less sinks as to not spoil the clean lines and  an under bench oven.  Topped off  with a very sexy custom made smoked glass exhaust fan overhead,  to vanish the cooking smells (though, they were so good  it wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep them lingering just that wee bit longer!).

Chef Tetsuya whipped us up a variety of delicious things all in front of us on the induction cooktop.  I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit frightened of induction cooktops, as they seemed a little precious and I knew I would be the one to break/scratch/spill/kill it!. But after watching Testsuya, I can see all is fine & they can pump out the goods to create deliciousey things! So I’m on board. I’d even have one myself. They are very energy efficient and the clean lines of them in a kitchen are very apealing.

Whilst chatting with the very nice electrolux people, also accompanying us for dinner, I was very surprised to learn that they manufacture their fridges in country New South Wales and washing machines in Adelaide. Nowadays I honestly just assume everything is manufactured in China. But not everything, which is very cool, and I love them now because of that.

Ok, I also love them because they have made a fridge look so very sexy. Is it possible to feel true deep love for a fridge? Sexy really is the only way to describe it, with its high gloss black acrylic finish.


Above is the fridge with his friends from the Ebony line. So, so pretty.

Oh, and while I am on the bandwagon, also very exciting to find out that the fridge is one of the most energy efficient fridges on the market. We were told that it requires less energy to run than a 40w light globe. But don’t question me on that, because I don’t know the answers!!

After the master class, we sat down to dinner where I was very chuffed to meet the fellow guests at this very intimate dinner: fellow bloggers  Jo of Desire to Inspire (yes,THE blog god!), Lisa of The Red Thread and Jennifer of Inside out colour & design. It was so lovely meeting these lovely ladies!

I’m not going to pretend our chitty-chat was profound, in fact much gossip was spoken, as we pretty much inhaled the 10 very delicious courses!!

As the dishes came, so did the wine. An accompanying glass for each dish. There were 10 dishes. Do you see where I am going with this?!!…

It was a fabulous night and it was really special to meet the fellow bloggers (though as the laziest blogger ever, I can barely call myself one!)

What a great adventure it was! Thank you to Electrolux for inviting me to be a part of it!

Features: Best Kitchens & Pure Green Living magazine

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Hello again blogosphere & a belated happy new year to you all!

February already. mental!

So, a rather lovely present arrived in my mail box today: an issue of  Best kitchens & Bathrooms.

And while flipping through the mag and looking at the oodles of snazzy kitchens & bathrooms I was delighted to come upon this:

and this:

Of course I knew it was going to be included, but it’s still  quite a thrill to see your work featured!

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, a new issue of Pure Green Living Magazine is out who have also featured my bamboo kitchen project.  Check it out here and stay a while – its a good read!

Thank you to the lovely Celine for thinking of my project to be included in her fabulous mag!

Woohoo,  if this keep up Im going to get a ‘reputation’!!!

Just as a side note, I’m  sending safe thoughts to the people in North Queensland who are about to get the full force of a category 5 hurricane.  I cant comprehend the force -or size of it.

Surely 2011 has  seen enough natural disasters already.


Monday, October 11th, 2010

My goal for this year was to get some professional photography done of some of my projects.

Its only taken until October, but finally I have some photos to share!

Camilla Molders Design

Camilla Molders Design

Camilla Molders Design

Thanks muchly to the super awesome photographer and fabulous lady Jacqui Melville.

Almost kinda

Friday, November 27th, 2009

This week a kitchen project I have been working on for a while was almost nearly finished.  Finished enough to exhale and do a round of back patting and hi-fives, but not quite enough to do the celebratory dance that goes with the end of a project or share the happy snaps.  Still to come is a bit of ‘frosting’!

But I am completely in love with these beautiful bamboo shelves and the Egyptian ball pendants, and in the mood for sharing!  so share I am:

Stay tuned for more on this soon!