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Bold happenings

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Well hello once again! or, welcome if this is your first time in this particular blogs hood!

Thought I would share a couple of  pictures of a recent project that I had photographed.  Its a music room for a young family & as you can see they aren’t afraid of living with colour!


Look-see at the handblown glass pendant light we had made for the project:

So there you have it! It was such a pleasure to work on this project! My clients (the loveliest people you could meet) had an idea of what they wanted for the space which was bold & colourful.  I dont think you can say its not either of those!

Thank you once again to the fabulous Martina Gemmola for beautiful photos!

See you back here soon! I have some INCREDIBLE news to share soon of a project I have been working on – its the kind of project that i could not possibly say NO to & is the kinda project that is & forever will be a career highlight & totally surreal. When I tell you more you will understand the surreal-ness!

Until next time!


Deep in thought

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this last week thinking about knobs.

Oh no not that kind of knob you filthy minx… I’m thinking about cabinetry knobs.

Searching for some decent looking knobs (hey, stop it!) led me to these little numbers. They will look pretty special on some custom cabinetry I’ve got in the works.

For real, they will!

Still thinking about knobs.  This time  door knobs.

Did you know that the majority of door knobs on the market nowadays are pretty ugly?

Fact. (well opinion, but its my blog – so my way!)


Just when you thought I was solely thinking about knobs.  (don’t go there!) I also thought about towel rails.

This squared and simple number will fit perfectly into the bathroom project currently being installed.

As well as all the thinking,  I’ve also been wondering just what was on the mind of the creator of this stained glass window in my clients bathroom?

Hmm. Refer to pic 1?

To break up all the thinking, and all that wondering I do a fair bit of day dreaming too about schemes  I am working on…

So  day dreaming about just how awesome this wallpaper will look on the cathedral shaped ceiling in my clients bedroom. awesome!

And also day dreaming and about this scheme for a living room in an art deco house. so pretty!

So that’s it. Thats what is on my mind of late.

I’ve told you before that I am deep!


Adventures abroad

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Wow. What a week I have had… I was invited to work along side a Chinese design firm on some display apartments in Shenzhen China. A great opportunity that came my way at the perfect time, I couldn’t not go.  So last week to China I went!

It was incredibly inspiring, satisfying,amazing and very exhausting. A LOT to get accomplished in only 3 days.

Here is some of what I got up to:

This is the design office where the firm I was working with are based. Its a large loft with a centre section that is open to the air that has a huge 2 storey antique Chinese gate and a long antique table (stupidly I didn’t take a better picture off, so what I’m talking about is seen through the glass)  The staff have their meals here togther each day. Including their 2.5 hour daily lunch breaks which involve a hearty meal followed by a snooze at their desks! With all that rice at lunch I really needed a snooze too!

The purpose of my trip was to put together 5 display apartments that will be in these apartment buildings. The Chinese design team had put together the concepts for each apartment, my job was to pull all of that together and go over what they have done & make sure it all flowed.

I was taken to the design district. These buildings are filled with all sorts of  design furnishings. They are HUGE. I saw 6 of these buildings (there would be more) and each one is 8 floors high and all filled with every kind of interior products that  you could imagine.  Some good, some awesome & a whole lotta crap!

Inside one of the design centre buildings.

I spent 2 solid days in this store selecting all of the furnishing fabrics for 5 apartments.  (may explain the blurry picture!) It was very full on!

I had a team assisting me, but only one of which spoke English. I would describe what I was looking for ie “a cream coloured upholstery with a bit of texture” that would be translated and about 10 people who would then  go searching for that amongst the piles of fabric sample  books & present it back to me.  The Chinese taste is far more ‘shiny’ than mine, so I constantly had to keep that in check so that the whole scheme wouldn’t be so shiny shiny!

Oh & always, ALWAYS someone had a camera on me. its a very weird feeling being constantly focussed upon. I so feel in tune with Brad & Ange now….!

Some of the selections made (hmm…looking very shiny!)

Interior Design Melbourne

interior design melbourne

And then done.

Here I am ( the blonde one!) with some of the design team when we had just finished. I was exhausted as is very clear in this picture! (just to be clear, I am sitting down! if standing my head would maybe be out of frame!!)

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

In the next few days I will post  about the hotel I stayed at which had a life size pirate ship, a Ferrari grand piano & the staff dressed as matadors.  All true!

Once an ugly duckling

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Hi. It’s been a while. How you lot doing?

I have a story of an ugly duckling to beautiful swan (or what ever!) to share.

I’ve been working on an apartment project where the budget was getting a bit tight. Rather than miss out on loveliness and ruin the overall look, it just needed some clever thinking. Rather than compromising on not the right thing! It would have been such a shame to use chairs from one of those chain stores where the it breaks on the 15th sitting (fact. or, um not. but they are crap ok! and yes, I am very much a snob about those things) so I knew I had to step in and get my hands dirty – literally!

So to the trusty store in the sky I turned – eBay and snatched up a great set of balloon back dining chairs for $300. Bargain! (Reproduction naturally for that price!) They were sturdy in construction and just with ugly upholstery and the frame colour not being right for this project. But I was confident they would look fabulous after a bit of love.

Before shot

Once they were stripped of the baby poo velvet seat upholstery, they needed to be painted. This is where I get my hands dirty, very dirty and painted myself. I have a reputation amongst my loved ones to paint anything I can get my hands on. I also have a tendency to paint when the mood strikes, leaving little time for preparation or pesky things like drop sheets. (Leaving to little paint droplets in um, some places inside the house and out. ssshh) Though as these chairs were for a client and not for me, I did really have to take the time to do all that stuff, even wait for the weather to be the optimum condition so I could paint in my back garden and use the right products to help the transformation!

As I have no patience or inclination to sand furniture, I needed a kick ass primer to paint directly onto the surface. I was told about a product called Zinsser. This stuff is the goods! You can paint that baby onto virtually any surface and its holds like a dog to a bone.

Once that was dry I painted the colour of choice – black with a lovely satin finish.

(I do hope you appreciate the beauty of my tiny back gardens drain pipe in this picture, and my garden chairs – painted turquoise by moi -naturally!)


Once painted and already looking pretty, I handed them over to my trusty upholsterer to do his clever bit.

This picture of them lined up in my hallway waiting to go to the upholsterer makes me happy!

I chose one of my all time favourite fabrics for the upholstery: a stunning  Florence Broadhurst fabric.

I cant tell you how pleased I am with the transformation. I think they look stunning! but I admit, I couldn’t help but be a bit sad to send them off to their new home.

But at least they went to home where they are appreciated and will live happily ever after!

(psst, the wall clearly needs a little sumpin sumpin, its a coming – all in good time!)

This is a sneak peak of the apartment where they live. Finishing details and proper pictures coming of that soon!

The end!

get striped

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Sneaking through a picture of a bed head that I have just had delivered to a clients apartment today.

I’ve been feeling the stripey vibe of late….so I ordered some extra fabric to use on my dining chairs.

Its made me happy!

cold fabric induced sweats

Monday, May 18th, 2009

I recently came across the Creative Women’s Circle – a group in my Melbourne town that brings together women working in creative industries and small businesses to share information, inspiration and ideas. 

Well – I fit into ALL of those categories, so this coming Satdy morn I am going to tottle down and check this out! If you are also a chick who is interrested – find more info here


This weekends meeting chit chat, also includes a fabric swap, of which the idea of makes me break into a cold sweat! Fabrics are something I get very very excited by! 

I am lucky enough to have spent many a year working closely with gorgeous textiles and have built up quite a booty of delish!  To me, just owning some super Divine goodies is enough! Actually using them would just be wrong! I mean what if it was ruined – it couldn’t ever be used again!? But in the spirit of the day, I am going to go through my stash and decide which of the goodies I can and can not live without, and hope that someone else feels the same and has some awesome goodies for me to nab!


***Update -The meeting has been & gone & was very inspiring! 

That is all!