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Re-Love stool update

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Re-Love Feast Watson project Stool update!

My stool is now up for Ebay auction! All proceeds raised go to the Salvos Stores – so a worthy cause!

Click here for the eBay link while it lasts

& Ive told you Im the worst photographer in the world – dont these studio pictures just look much better that mine!

Re-Loving – the end result

Monday, April 1st, 2013

You may remember (or even just scroll down a bit to see my previous post on the subject!) that I was invited to be one of 9 fellow designers & bloggers to participate in the Feast Watson Re-love project. Well, I finished. Its all done! To refresh your hazy minds – I accepted the challenge to give a piece of furniture some Re-loving using some Feast Watson products to do just that! I chose this wee stool as it was a nice & simple shape, small enough that I could manageably takle its overhaul easily enough myself &  small enough to easily transport it around to those who I managed to rope in to assist me in the transformation!

Here tis BEFORE some re-loving was applied:

Still before…

So on with the transformation….

I selected from the Feast Watson range Black Japan stain & varnish. I wanted the timber frame to have a bit of depth of colour that the Black Japan offers. Its not a heavy black, like a paint black – its a murky dark dark almost black with a tinge of walnut (yeah – i’ll stick with that as a colour description!)

Next I coyly sent an email to the lovely people at Signature Prints & explained the project to them & what I was planning. They were very happy to get on board with the project & donate some fabric for me to use! woohoo! After feeling a bit like a kid in a candy shop as I had so SO many gorgeous goodies to choose from, I selected one of my favorite from the Florence Broadhurst fabric range- Aubrey on a cotton base cloth in black & white.

Here are all of the goodies together all ready for me to get cracking!

Get cracking I did! I roped in my clever friend Nicko in to assist in the transformation. To be fair he wasn’t given too much of a choice about his participation!! Its true that I may have basically just told him of his participation -but as he is like my brother from another mother- I felt I could get away with it!! Also he has a shed, and lots of boy toy tools, and loves doing this kind of thing -that boy loves a project! He sanded & got it prepped & ready for me to stain.

The stools existing proportions reminded me a little too much of a Star Wars At-At walker (google it!) & as I was planning on altering the shape of the upholstered section, the existing legs length would’ve looked even more out of proportion. So whilst in the care of Nicko with his tool shed, he cut down the legs by a few centimetres. Much better!

Usually when I am sourcing or designing a piece of furniture for a project that I am working on I need to take into account everything else that is going on in the room so it fits into the space with continuity & balance – thats my job! But as I dont know where this piece will end up, it gave me a bit of design freedom to play with & try something a little different for this lil solo stool!  So from out of the depths of my closet came my old sewing machine. Its been a while between sewing sessions. In fact Im not even sure that this machine that Ive had for about 10 years has ever even sewn on fabric! – its been pretty much solely used on paper party invitations!! (yeah thats a thing – I love a good party invite!)   I took this sewing selfie!  - you know proof that I was doing it & all that!!

The plan was just to embroider a small section of the fabric pattern & give it a lil sumpin with the copper thread. This picture shows early progress – I’m sure you can see where Im going with this!

Right, so on with the staining… Nicko had graciously sanded the stool back & prepped it ready to stain.  So easy! Brush on & whamo – it changes right before your eyes!! Here tis after just one coat of the Feast Watson Black Japan.

Two coats was all it needed!

Lets just take a moment to look at this corner of Nicko’s man shed – work bench with neatly organised man shed kinda containers all stacked up. He is a perfectionist – just the man to have you assist on a DIY job!!

Next step was off to visit my upholsterer Wayne who also kindly donated his services to this project!

This picture is purely just to show off Waynes factory! See all the -stuff! I love visiting my suppliers factories! I love seeing where stuff gets turned into excellent stuff – its inspiring!! We decided to alter the shape of the upholstered top to a cushion top. I like the proportions better this way & think its a better fit for the design of the stool & the does more justice to the gorgeous fabric pattern.

Next up & finally: I wanted the stool to just have another little bit of special! So I visited my super clever friends Chris & Tim at Lump who also agreed to make a wee sumpin for this project out of some copper bits they had on hand. (its very handy having clever friends I tell you!) I just love the contrast of a dark stain with a copper pop. You may remember the kitchen I designed last year with a copper kicker? Looksee here .

So finally here tis. The finished result:

and here be a detail of the embroidery.

Im quite happy with the end result & I think it will look quite gorgeous in someones home!

The plan now is that my wee stool as well as the 8 other pieces that are part of the re-love project are going to be auctioned off on Ebay with the moolah raised going to a really great & very worthy cause – the Salvos Stores.  Click here for more info on the Ebay auctions & feel free to bid to give this lil fella a happy home!

Special thank yous to the following peoples for their help on this project:

Nicko of his own domain! & of course Anna for just finding it amusing that I boss her husband around!

Helen & Gemma at Signature Prints

Wayne at Edgeworks Upholstery

Chris & Tim at Lump Sculpture Studio

Its been a fun & satisfying project to be a part of – so thank you Feast Watson for inviting me to be a part of it!



Home Beautiful- before & After

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Im not gonna lie, its always a squealy woohoo moment when I see my work in a glossie!

No exception for the current issue  Home Beautiful (Nov) where my project has been featured in their before & after special

Check it out!





I will be back here soon to share some of my recent happenings – loads to share! (this is a note to self more than anything else!)

just before

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Had to share these great BEFORE shots on a project I am working on!



Clearly its a fun project to be involved in!

Before & After -with a little sumpin sumpin!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Its about time to share another before & after dont you think! Well I do, & I think I’ve established Im the boss of this Blog!

Moving on… This project was a classic case of good house gone bad!

The house is a beautiful art deco house found in a Melbourne beach side suburb & was a victim of a 1980′s renovation resulting in a weird cramped, ugly & dark kitchen.


You know the pictures above are before shots right? right?!

As the house was in need of structural work (it very clearly leaned to one corner – great for indoor skateboarding & Tonka truck playing, but not so much for general living!) we were able to make bigger changes than just cosmetic. The architect on the project had the genius idea of swapping the kitchen over from one side of the room to the other which allowed an entrance to be opened up & a line of sight right through the house (also letting more light in) rather than sticking with the weird rabbit burrow as it was.

True to form – this site shot does include a shot of my hand bag!

I was quite excited to see the kitchen go in & I was not disappointed. I had designed it to be more like a fixture in the house rather thadiving n a feature. My client was determined to have dark timber floors (so SO beautiful, but a b*#ch to keep clean – stock up on swiffers if you want dark floors!) so we chose a dark timber veneer for the kitchen cabinetry so it was quite seamless.

To bring a little sumpin sumpin & personality to the kitchen design I added a copper kicker.

The contrast of the copper with the dark floor & cabinetry looks quite WOW! (no, I will not say WOW factor! - I ban that saying on my projects!- true story!)

The copper just adds a ‘little special’ & brings such life to the space without overpowering the simplicity.

I loves it. I loves it hard.

Oh & when I say I added – I mean very literally I -being ME! I was the one down on that floor installing it! I can not ever be accused of not being ‘hands on’ on my projects!

And so here is the finished kitchen result:

The picture above is a shot I took – as you can see my hands in the mirrored splash back above!

The following pictures were taken by the builders to showcase their clever handy work!  (Once a few more furniture pieces are in, I will get my own pretty pictures taken with non builder eye styling done!!)

And from this angle


Due to one of those real life annoying things – budgets! we are yet to replace the furniture, but will over time.

See the carpet there on the stairs – its Alpaca wool. Ah, so divine! Its hard to resist a little roll around on it! (oh but i did…)

The window furnishings have all been installed & they also made my heart skip a beat! We have put Roman blinds through out & then two large windows in the living room have been dressed with a linen sheer with a simple S Fold heading & block out blinds hiding underneath. The black rod pics up the dark floor & once we have replaced the furniture with gorgeous big linen sofas & gorgeous things – the space will look stunning!

To quote my clients message to me once she saw the window furnishings installed ” I F*****g  love them SO much! Thank you, now my house looks like a home!” I think its safe to say she is happy!

Do you think I should use that message as a testimonial on my website?!

And just a snippet of the laundry. Perhaps the prettiest laundry I’ve ever seen!

Still a fair bit to happen on this project, but it is coming together beautifully- it makes me happy!



Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

And so this happened:

As found in the March 2012 issue of Home Beautiful Magazine .


I’ll admit it: I cant help but do a little happy dance and squeal with excitement when I see my name & work in glossy print!

Thank you HB for featuring my project and a HUGE thank you to my very lovely client for opening her home and allowing this to happen! I wont name you – but I know you silently lurk around this blog!


En-suite bathroom before & after

Thursday, July 28th, 2011


Camilla Molders Design

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently had some photographs taken of some recent projects.  I’m still in a caring sharing kinda mood, so thought I would share a before & after of a recent en-suite bathroom that I have done.  I had posted a sneak peak of this just after the tiling was done, so it may be a little familiar!

The before bathroom was in quite a state. The previous homeowner had done a lot of the renovations on the house himself -a master renovator he was not: the floor was about fall through, the twin basins shared a tap that barely reached either basin, and the overall design was haphazard.


Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Still before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

& now for the after…

My brief was to create an en-suite bathroom that was also a parents retreat -including a large bath and ahem, a throne, with ample storage for reading material!

I have also designed the kitchen in this house.  My clients love living with colour so we continued the kitchen colour theme by using the same bamboo cabinetry and solid chunky reclaimed iron-bark vanity top. (Side note: as it’s a parent’s en-suite and not a family bath, I was OK about using timber in here. The clients know about how to best upkeep timber and love it muchly, so we did!)

The tiles are the feature of the room & I think they are a bit special! (They are hand made here in Melbourne with a crackle glaze finish & so beautiful!) Originally I was going to lay them in a ‘designed random pattern’, but when I was laying them out, I fell in love with them as a subtle stripe.

Camilla Molders Design

Rather than sticking with the same floor plan as was, I swapped it around and put in a much larger window with the bath below and put the shower and throne on the other side of the room. The cabinetry is designed with hidden storage everywhere so all the panels open for ample storage. The centre nook is purely for a lil sumpin pretty to live in. Hand blown glass pieces do the trick!

Camilla Molders Design

Camilla Molders Design

The floor and shower walls were laid with a natural stone from Aeria Country floors . Natural stone is a long process to install, but so worth it with its subtle texture and natural beauty.

Camilla Molders Design


And that’s that! Bathroom renovation complete!

I’m working on another 3 bathrooms at the moment! All very very different to each other – this is just how I like it! I love a space that truly reflects the people who live in the space and I am proud to say that this bathroom certainly does reflect the lovely colourful characters who bathe there!!


Before & After

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Recently I blogged about a chair makeover I undertook for an apartment project that I’ve been working on -a refresher on that here.

Taking advantage of my lovely photographer & friend Jacquie Melville’s flying visit back to my Melbourne town, (she moved to London on me – honestly how bloody rude!) I wanted to get a few projects properly photographed to update my website. And so I did!

I always find it interesting seeing before & after pictures of interior spaces – gives a great visual of just what a difference something like a paint colour makes! The before colour in this apartment was a blah nothing colour, and used on both the walls and ceiling.  Eh. A feature wall in a concrete finish had been added, but still the space was bland with no soul or warmth to it.  The existing furniture also wasn’t a good fit – literally. the sofa was too large for the wall it was placed on, so we re-homed most of it & set about creating a smart and sophisticated interior.

So… on with the pictures!

I really hope it’s obvious to you which are the before shots & which are the after! But just in case its not, I have labelled to save you the awkward moment!


Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

And After

Still after…

Camilla Molders Design

Dining table before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Dining table after & featuring the chairs

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

Hallway before…

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

Hallway after (OK yes. that is my Ju-ju)

Camilla Molders Design


Bedroom before…

No. Not a whole lotta lovin in this room!

Before the work of Camilla Molders Design

And After.

And yes mum, the sheets are meant to be crumpled like that: they are pure divine linen loveliness!

Camilla Molders Design

And there you have it!

I will have another before & after of a bathroom reno soon.

Once an ugly duckling

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Hi. It’s been a while. How you lot doing?

I have a story of an ugly duckling to beautiful swan (or what ever!) to share.

I’ve been working on an apartment project where the budget was getting a bit tight. Rather than miss out on loveliness and ruin the overall look, it just needed some clever thinking. Rather than compromising on not the right thing! It would have been such a shame to use chairs from one of those chain stores where the it breaks on the 15th sitting (fact. or, um not. but they are crap ok! and yes, I am very much a snob about those things) so I knew I had to step in and get my hands dirty – literally!

So to the trusty store in the sky I turned – eBay and snatched up a great set of balloon back dining chairs for $300. Bargain! (Reproduction naturally for that price!) They were sturdy in construction and just with ugly upholstery and the frame colour not being right for this project. But I was confident they would look fabulous after a bit of love.

Before shot

Once they were stripped of the baby poo velvet seat upholstery, they needed to be painted. This is where I get my hands dirty, very dirty and painted myself. I have a reputation amongst my loved ones to paint anything I can get my hands on. I also have a tendency to paint when the mood strikes, leaving little time for preparation or pesky things like drop sheets. (Leaving to little paint droplets in um, some places inside the house and out. ssshh) Though as these chairs were for a client and not for me, I did really have to take the time to do all that stuff, even wait for the weather to be the optimum condition so I could paint in my back garden and use the right products to help the transformation!

As I have no patience or inclination to sand furniture, I needed a kick ass primer to paint directly onto the surface. I was told about a product called Zinsser. This stuff is the goods! You can paint that baby onto virtually any surface and its holds like a dog to a bone.

Once that was dry I painted the colour of choice – black with a lovely satin finish.

(I do hope you appreciate the beauty of my tiny back gardens drain pipe in this picture, and my garden chairs – painted turquoise by moi -naturally!)


Once painted and already looking pretty, I handed them over to my trusty upholsterer to do his clever bit.

This picture of them lined up in my hallway waiting to go to the upholsterer makes me happy!

I chose one of my all time favourite fabrics for the upholstery: a stunning  Florence Broadhurst fabric.

I cant tell you how pleased I am with the transformation. I think they look stunning! but I admit, I couldn’t help but be a bit sad to send them off to their new home.

But at least they went to home where they are appreciated and will live happily ever after!

(psst, the wall clearly needs a little sumpin sumpin, its a coming – all in good time!)

This is a sneak peak of the apartment where they live. Finishing details and proper pictures coming of that soon!

The end!

As it was, and so it is

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With my long absences from Designalogue, I kinda feel the need to prove that I am indeed keeping busy and not just ignoring the blogosphere.

So here is the proof. Some before and after pictures of recent projects:

um. In case you are wondering – This most certainly is a before shot.

And then after:

Bedroom before:

And yes. that IS a poem on the wall. (no apology from me for the blurryness of the picture -something about poems on walls gives me the shakes!)

Bedroom After:

The bedroom chandelier is a pretty special peice made from walnut and brass and uncovered in a marked in Italy by the clever Nicholas & Alistair

Now I’m on the blogging roll….onto another project:

A large living room that was quite open to the street and barren of furniture and personality:

(oh the red thing is not a vase or decoration…thats my handbag!)

And after….

That’s all from me for now. But I will be back tomorrow to share something else I’m quite excited about!