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H&G Best of the best

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

So there I was just sitting on the sofa, cup of tea in hand flipping through the new issue of Australian House & Garden….

Interior Design Melbourne

I came across this article….

Interior Design Melbourne

And check it – there is  MY name!

Interior Design Melbourne

So thank YOU House & Garden for including me in this list amongst some very inspiring designers. I am honoured to be included!




CMD project – warehouse happenings

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

I’m pretty excited to share with you the results of a recent photo shoot with the excellent Martina Gemmola of one of my recent projects.

I’ve shared some of this project before. You can looksee here for what Im talking about or a refresher!


Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Still some finishing details for this project to come -I have custom designed a rug for the living room (can not wait to see it!) and some cool furniture for the entrance too. Its been an exciting project to be involved with as its such a unique space.

Kudos to the architect on this project Robert Miles who designed really great bones for this space. I’d like to think our interior designs & finish choices have enhanced his original vision!

Dalai Lama in Melbourne

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

So something a bit exciting happened in my world last week –  a project that I have been working on for a few months came to fruition.  I was lucky enough to have been invited, as well as my good friend & fellow designer Jessica Nixon to design & set the Melbourne stage for His Holiness the Dalai Lama!

Naturally I said yes – instantly to this invitation!

Jess & I thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some local Australian design so we worked collaboratively with Jardan Furniture who made all of the beautiful furniture for the event & Philip Stokes Glass who made the gorgeous sculptural vases for the flowers.

And this is how it turned out:

Apparently the rug was gifted to His Holiness and travels with him. I love the colours & it was naturally the starting point for the stage design.

A friend commented that she wanted to turn the rug around. It is protocol for the lotus design to face His Holiness. And now you know!

Jess & I arranged the flowers ourselves – we thought it was fitting to include some lotus flowers in the arrangement!

& here His Holiness is!

(Until I get better photographs of His Holiness sitting on the furniture – my Iphone pictures of the onstage screen are the best I can do!)

& of course I had to include this selfie of Jess & I with our official accreditation badges for the event!

It was quite a thrill to create a client file in my computer named Dalai Lama! It has certainly has been a career highlight & I am very proud of  what our collaboration achieved! I’ll be smiling about this one for a while yet!

Psst – All photos are just picture I took myself on my Iphone.  Hopefully I will have some through soon that the official photographer took on the day



Re-Love stool update

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Re-Love Feast Watson project Stool update!

My stool is now up for Ebay auction! All proceeds raised go to the Salvos Stores – so a worthy cause!

Click here for the eBay link while it lasts

& Ive told you Im the worst photographer in the world – dont these studio pictures just look much better that mine!

Before & After -with a little sumpin sumpin!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Its about time to share another before & after dont you think! Well I do, & I think I’ve established Im the boss of this Blog!

Moving on… This project was a classic case of good house gone bad!

The house is a beautiful art deco house found in a Melbourne beach side suburb & was a victim of a 1980′s renovation resulting in a weird cramped, ugly & dark kitchen.


You know the pictures above are before shots right? right?!

As the house was in need of structural work (it very clearly leaned to one corner – great for indoor skateboarding & Tonka truck playing, but not so much for general living!) we were able to make bigger changes than just cosmetic. The architect on the project had the genius idea of swapping the kitchen over from one side of the room to the other which allowed an entrance to be opened up & a line of sight right through the house (also letting more light in) rather than sticking with the weird rabbit burrow as it was.

True to form – this site shot does include a shot of my hand bag!

I was quite excited to see the kitchen go in & I was not disappointed. I had designed it to be more like a fixture in the house rather thadiving n a feature. My client was determined to have dark timber floors (so SO beautiful, but a b*#ch to keep clean – stock up on swiffers if you want dark floors!) so we chose a dark timber veneer for the kitchen cabinetry so it was quite seamless.

To bring a little sumpin sumpin & personality to the kitchen design I added a copper kicker.

The contrast of the copper with the dark floor & cabinetry looks quite WOW! (no, I will not say WOW factor! - I ban that saying on my projects!- true story!)

The copper just adds a ‘little special’ & brings such life to the space without overpowering the simplicity.

I loves it. I loves it hard.

Oh & when I say I added – I mean very literally I -being ME! I was the one down on that floor installing it! I can not ever be accused of not being ‘hands on’ on my projects!

And so here is the finished kitchen result:

The picture above is a shot I took – as you can see my hands in the mirrored splash back above!

The following pictures were taken by the builders to showcase their clever handy work!  (Once a few more furniture pieces are in, I will get my own pretty pictures taken with non builder eye styling done!!)

And from this angle


Due to one of those real life annoying things – budgets! we are yet to replace the furniture, but will over time.

See the carpet there on the stairs – its Alpaca wool. Ah, so divine! Its hard to resist a little roll around on it! (oh but i did…)

The window furnishings have all been installed & they also made my heart skip a beat! We have put Roman blinds through out & then two large windows in the living room have been dressed with a linen sheer with a simple S Fold heading & block out blinds hiding underneath. The black rod pics up the dark floor & once we have replaced the furniture with gorgeous big linen sofas & gorgeous things – the space will look stunning!

To quote my clients message to me once she saw the window furnishings installed ” I F*****g  love them SO much! Thank you, now my house looks like a home!” I think its safe to say she is happy!

Do you think I should use that message as a testimonial on my website?!

And just a snippet of the laundry. Perhaps the prettiest laundry I’ve ever seen!

Still a fair bit to happen on this project, but it is coming together beautifully- it makes me happy!



Friday, May 18th, 2012

Remember these?:

& these:

Quite possibly thats why you are here in the first place! (the traffic I get to this blog still from when I posted about these back in June 2010 is huge!)

Well the UK-ian hottie responsible for such clever up-cycling has just launched his new of lighting which includes these crystal globes.

So pretty.

And these too

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne, Interior Decoration Melbourne

And this

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne, Interior Decoration Melbourne

I predict a Pintrest Melt down!

And before you ask:

No, I dont know how to get the bottoms off or how to get the globes in. I leave it to the people who do!

Lee Broom is the dude in the know!




House & Garden top 50 rooms

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Im a bit excited today.

Last night I atteded the launch of the House & Garden Magazines top 50 Rooms feature 2011, held at the sky high eye candy restaurant Vue De Monde.

I knew that I was in the running to be a part of the feature as a photographer – well actually one of the best Australian photographers Derek Swalwell came to photograph my dining room! But I didnt want to count my chickens until I saw it with my own two eyes!

Well, now I have.


Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

And not only am I IN the feature – I have a double page spread!

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

And of course Trevurr the cat makes an appearance! I swear that boy knows what he is doing! He was totally working it & sat to pose for the shot!

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

And see – there is a photo of me & my name & everything….. its real!!

Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design Melbourne

The magazine goes on sale on Monday! Go & get it. Dew it!

My kinda beautiful

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Ah. This is my kinda beautiful.

The colours, textures and balance are the biz. I could live here.

This loveliness is the work of Robert Courturier who I came across on one of my favourites in the  blogosphere  - Design Crisis.



same same…but different

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Recently when I was perusing the interwebs, I came across a great example of that old thing called  ’same same – but different’

This example of which I speak is the boutique showroom of the clever LA based design duo Woodson & Rummerfield.  They think of their retail boutique as the most stylish house on the block.  Having had a look through photographs of their showroom, I wouldn’t doubt that it is just that!

So then, same same- but different… The W&R showroom is a great example of how the same space can be completely transformed into a different space by changing the furniture, colour schemes & wot not!


The first image is a room setting furnished with beautiful Florence Broadhurst fabrics & wallpaper (side note: the fabric on the ottoman is so fabulously gorgeous & a current obsession of mine – I am busting to use it somewhere!)

So, same room, same furniture layout but different wot nots.  Looks quite different to the room above though -yes?!

& repeat……

Whoops! The repeat function got a bit stuck!

OK, so granted the above are still all in a similar design atheistic, but I think you can understand the point of which I make!

All pictures via Woodson & Rummerfield’s house of Design


Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Today is my big sisters birthday and to celebrate the occasion- I got me my favorite annual design book!

How sweet am I?!!!

Not just any book you see, its the Andrew Martin Interior Design review -featuring 460 pages of eye popping interior design deliciousness and inspiration.

Referred to around the global traps as ‘the Oscars for the design industry’. I wont dispute.

Its only available in my town for a very short time- once a year, in limited numbers and only from one supplier – I gotta get my hands on it & quick sticks!

and my hands upon I did!

Measuring at nearly 5cm or 2 inches thick -its a no go/too hard for scanning to share the goodness…but rather than totally withholding the oodles of eye candy within, I have taken a couple of crappy snaps to share the love and that will have to do your curiosity until I get around to looking up the websites of the designers featured and showing you some goodies that way.

You were warned in advance – so no petty tut tutting at the quality of  following pictures!!

And still in keeping with the horsey theme…

Tomorrow is my super cute, but not so cute tanties niece’s 4th birthday! Her present is a plum tree.

for real!

She has more than enough toys to play with or not, so fella and I decided to encourage her nature spirit by giving her her very own tree to nurture and look after!

Stay tuned to see how that turns out!

Oh,and happy birthday to you Min!