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Monday, September 20th, 2010
AND exhale…… and reeeeeelaxxxxxx.
and that’s just what I did. Very easily because I was  here:

Fella & I were very lucky to spend the weekend in the newly renovated cottage ‘the Nest‘ which is smack bang in the bush just outside of Healesville in the Yarra Valley.  Some very lovely and super clever friends of mine, have turned  what was once an old run down, skanky, stinky cottage into a place that is truly special.

An impossible place to not chill out the second you walk through the door. Though I think for me it was the minute I pulled up in the driveway.

This is what I did:

Drank lots of  lovely local wine while cosying up by the fire here:

Ate/scoffed down delicious food while seated here (yep, a detail I thought important to share!)

Inhaled the incredibly fresh and clean air  while spending many an hour admiring the view to the bottom of the garden

Wandered along the river, which is just at the bottom of the garden -um awesome! (psst – this picture perfect stream is real people!)

and just thoroughly enjoyed being the beautiful Australian bush

Kooky fluro coloured trees and all!

But all good things must come to an end – damn you Sunday eve! And now I am home once more in the big smoke, but plotting about how to get back to the super special place. and have gotten myself all stressed out again just plotting my return trip!

Do yourselves a favour Melbourne peoples - The Nest in Healesville is a really special place to be, and I’m sure you are going to hear a whole lot more about it!

I sprung spring!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

After months of cold and chilly temperatures, Spring is just bursting to be sprung!!

There is no escaping it: the air is smelling of flowery goodness and blossom has taken over the trees, even the sky is getting into the spirit and flashing its pretty blues once again! -ah, its been so long!

My teeny garden is also celebrating the change of season & in the process of busting out some much needed colour. Bring it on!

Get me one, get me one…

Monday, September 29th, 2008

I’m excited! I want one, I gotta get me one! (Yes,I know, more consumerism on my part -but hey! it might help stop a global recession – are YOU doing YOUR part?!!!!!)

A sun shade umbrella for the garden by day, and a kooky lamp like light by night! How brilliant, simple and brilliant!

And the best thing is – its solar powered with flexible solar cells on the cover of the parasol which collect energy from the sun during the day.

Come sun down, it knows what its time for, and makes the transition to night light all on its own - just like a mechanical flower!

Genius! I LOVE it!

More information on clever Sun Shade designer Lianne Van Genugten here. (check out the little filmy thing -so clever!)

By day...the usual garden umberella

By day...the usual garden umbrella

By night... super cute garden light!

By night... super cute garden light!

I just gotta have it!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

So very near the top of my “I just gotta have” list, (yeah, you KNOW you got one too!) are these gorgouesies: Sculptures by day, light sculptures by night – SO fabulous!! I love love LOVE them! and I want want WANT!!

Made and designed here in Melbourne town by the very clever Chris and Timothea at Lump Sculpture Studio.

Aah, they are SO beautiful! see for yourself, I know you’ll agree!!




These are some I’ve just had installed in a clients courtyard. That’s definitely another perk of this job! – I get to live out things I love in others houses!!!

CMD courtyard sneak peak

CMD courtyard sneak peak

No longer just an Aussie secret, these are now available in the US through Designs Abroad

A little help?…Name this plant!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Just a lill help required…. and I am hoping someone out there in blog-land can help me!

I have been looking for this plant here in Australia as I am hoping to use it for some planter boxes for a client.  Its not a common plant here, (well in Melbourne anyway?)  and all the nursery staff that I have spoken to about it give me blank and empty stares…  so I’m giving up on them, and putting it out to the blogosphere!

So do YOU know?

I’m thinking it is a bamboo variety???

Any one?….. If you do, you will need to tell me in the written form, as of late, my telepathic skills are on the fritz!!!

William Hefner Architecture - via Desire to Inspire

William Hefner Architecture - via Desire to Inspire