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Bold happenings

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Well hello once again! or, welcome if this is your first time in this particular blogs hood!

Thought I would share a couple of  pictures of a recent project that I had photographed.  Its a music room for a young family & as you can see they aren’t afraid of living with colour!


Look-see at the handblown glass pendant light we had made for the project:

So there you have it! It was such a pleasure to work on this project! My clients (the loveliest people you could meet) had an idea of what they wanted for the space which was bold & colourful.  I dont think you can say its not either of those!

Thank you once again to the fabulous Martina Gemmola for beautiful photos!

See you back here soon! I have some INCREDIBLE news to share soon of a project I have been working on – its the kind of project that i could not possibly say NO to & is the kinda project that is & forever will be a career highlight & totally surreal. When I tell you more you will understand the surreal-ness!

Until next time!


Project happenings

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of working with the very lovely chick & super excellent photographer Martina Gemmola. We shot a project that I have previously shared with you  here & then a little more here. And because I’m a caring sharing lass (sometimes with an over-sharing tendency -truth be told!)  Im going to share even more of it!

So checks it out!


Thank you Martina! You were such a pleasure & great fun to work with!!

So pretty in pink

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Almost a year ago I posted here about a hot pink velvet chair I really really really wanted to do for a project I was working on as it was just perfect for the project – perfect I tells you! It didn’t look like it was going to happen due to boring things in life like budgets (yawn!), but then…the clouds parted, the sun shone through & here tis!  A very lucky little little lass (as in a 4 year old little lass!) has a very pretty chair in her beautiful room!  Its as good as I knew it would be & it makes me happy!

Just to clarify, it also makes the baby mamma happy  and the little lass whose room it is also was quite excited by it…perhaps not as much as a new kitten or battery operated something would’ve – she is only 4, & 4 year olds generally dont get as antz pantz excited as someone like me does about furniture!

In the same room the bedhead was also something I was eagerly waiting on! So in the spirit of sharing, have a looksee: beautiful chocolatey linen with feature buttons in pink & white stripe for just a lil bit of sumpin sumpin! & the cushions are bit of  eye candy too!


So thats todays deliveries for your perusal! I will be back soon to share lots of other exciting things that have been happening over in my part of the world!

But  thats enough about me – whats been happening with you?!






It’s a wrap

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

And that’s that! the last delivery for 2011 is DONE!

A stunning organically dyed wool rug to be more specific!







Once an ugly duckling

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Hi. It’s been a while. How you lot doing?

I have a story of an ugly duckling to beautiful swan (or what ever!) to share.

I’ve been working on an apartment project where the budget was getting a bit tight. Rather than miss out on loveliness and ruin the overall look, it just needed some clever thinking. Rather than compromising on not the right thing! It would have been such a shame to use chairs from one of those chain stores where the it breaks on the 15th sitting (fact. or, um not. but they are crap ok! and yes, I am very much a snob about those things) so I knew I had to step in and get my hands dirty – literally!

So to the trusty store in the sky I turned – eBay and snatched up a great set of balloon back dining chairs for $300. Bargain! (Reproduction naturally for that price!) They were sturdy in construction and just with ugly upholstery and the frame colour not being right for this project. But I was confident they would look fabulous after a bit of love.

Before shot

Once they were stripped of the baby poo velvet seat upholstery, they needed to be painted. This is where I get my hands dirty, very dirty and painted myself. I have a reputation amongst my loved ones to paint anything I can get my hands on. I also have a tendency to paint when the mood strikes, leaving little time for preparation or pesky things like drop sheets. (Leaving to little paint droplets in um, some places inside the house and out. ssshh) Though as these chairs were for a client and not for me, I did really have to take the time to do all that stuff, even wait for the weather to be the optimum condition so I could paint in my back garden and use the right products to help the transformation!

As I have no patience or inclination to sand furniture, I needed a kick ass primer to paint directly onto the surface. I was told about a product called Zinsser. This stuff is the goods! You can paint that baby onto virtually any surface and its holds like a dog to a bone.

Once that was dry I painted the colour of choice – black with a lovely satin finish.

(I do hope you appreciate the beauty of my tiny back gardens drain pipe in this picture, and my garden chairs – painted turquoise by moi -naturally!)


Once painted and already looking pretty, I handed them over to my trusty upholsterer to do his clever bit.

This picture of them lined up in my hallway waiting to go to the upholsterer makes me happy!

I chose one of my all time favourite fabrics for the upholstery: a stunning  Florence Broadhurst fabric.

I cant tell you how pleased I am with the transformation. I think they look stunning! but I admit, I couldn’t help but be a bit sad to send them off to their new home.

But at least they went to home where they are appreciated and will live happily ever after!

(psst, the wall clearly needs a little sumpin sumpin, its a coming – all in good time!)

This is a sneak peak of the apartment where they live. Finishing details and proper pictures coming of that soon!

The end!

As it was, and so it is

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With my long absences from Designalogue, I kinda feel the need to prove that I am indeed keeping busy and not just ignoring the blogosphere.

So here is the proof. Some before and after pictures of recent projects:

um. In case you are wondering – This most certainly is a before shot.

And then after:

Bedroom before:

And yes. that IS a poem on the wall. (no apology from me for the blurryness of the picture -something about poems on walls gives me the shakes!)

Bedroom After:

The bedroom chandelier is a pretty special peice made from walnut and brass and uncovered in a marked in Italy by the clever Nicholas & Alistair

Now I’m on the blogging roll….onto another project:

A large living room that was quite open to the street and barren of furniture and personality:

(oh the red thing is not a vase or decoration…thats my handbag!)

And after….

That’s all from me for now. But I will be back tomorrow to share something else I’m quite excited about!

Just a little more self indulgence OK…

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Whoops.  Its again been a while! ….. I’m sick of apologising for delayed absences and it makes  a very boring blog – so, lets just move on shall we?

I do promise that my next post wont be all about me! (also makes for a boring blog!)  But for now, please indulge me as I just had to sneak this picture (yes, blurry picture!) in of a project I have in the works:

I am really pleased with how its coming together and even more pleased that its now out of the confines of  my head and in the real world!

The turquoise velvet chair really had my heart a flutter as do the blinds that look so beautiful (um…if I do say so myself!) Still to come is a cabinet that I have designed, made from reclaimed timber in an ebonised finish using all natural finishes including bees wax.

My client and I are also investigating different heating options, and looking at using this groovy number which burns ethanol, a clean heating alternative which doesnt require a bulky flue and doesnt dry the air out. Very cool, but requires some further investigating…

As I am self imposing a ban on my self promotion here for a while…. I will just sneak this link in…… the lovely and clever Tess McCabe of Creative Women’s circle has included me in a profile series she is doing for the CWC blog.   here if you want to read a wee bit more about me!

And for the creative women of Melbourne out there (little red… I’m talking to you!) you might be interested in checking out the next CWC meeting, its always inspiring to here the triumphs and the woes of other creative women face in their own businesses.

Just saying!

Recent project

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I have been a busy girl of late with quite a few installations happening almost all at once! So in the spirit of sharing, and to appease my guilt at not attending to Designalogue Blog much of late, here are some ‘crappy snaps’ I have taken of an apartment I have been working on.  



The scatter cushions sent some serious love chills my way and I have to admit when I picked them up from my brilliant cushion maker, I had to pull myself together, be strong to and stop them from finding a home on my sofa! Such is the trouble with this line of work…

The photos don’t do the fabric justice, The fabric and colours are just stunning and I love love! 


Once I have proper photos that do the art the justice they deserve, I will tell you more about the paintings. But in short they are Google Earth images of the coast line of our home town and surround and are a mix of resin and silver leaf and even have a diamond or two!! 

That is all!


Boudior make over sneak peak.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Not a very clever title is it! Eh, I’m tired! I’ts bed time!

So I’m back! Did you miss me? Um, did you even know I had gone?!!…

But yes, here I am, fresh from a mammoth house move and man, I have a lot of stuff – A LOT!

Did you know that lamp shades breed?

I kid you not! I seem to have a huge amount of lamp shades in ALL shapes and sizes!!

I will post some pics of the pad soon – complete with my fabulous Juju hat by the way! -Its SO fabulous! Even the fella cant disagree!

But rather than bore you with the dramas and saga’s that seem to go on and on, I thought I would share a quick-see sneak peak of a project that I have been working on. The wallpaper in the bedroom was installed today & I love it!

Still some finer and finishing ‘details’ to come, so as I said – its a sneak peak!

The hallway leading into the boudoir was also wallpapered using an Osbourne & Little number. Its a muddy chocolate with a hot pink pin stripe. Yum!

Sadly my photos don’t show up this so well, so you will just have to take my word for it!

Psst: This is a before shot of the bedroom!

Oh Snap!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

SNAP! I spy with my little eye….

Drake Design Associates - Via Desire to Inspire

Drake Design Associates - Via Desire to Inspire

My chair

Did you catch it?  - Same chair!

Though the chair looks much better in the Drake Design room than in my lounge room! … must be something to do with the photography!!! yeah, that’ll be it!!!!?!!

(Update – have since swapped my chair for a slightly better than the old one -so some comments made MAY be out of context now!!)