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Dear Designalogue…

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Oh hi Designalogue blog.

Its been a while hasn’t it.

Yeah, sorry I haven’t returned your prompting emails. I’ve been really busy with work & stuff & well…

Its not that I don’t like you anymore. I do. I really do & I think of you often.You have been such a great support to me over the years & introduced me to some really great & interesting people around the world.

Its just, its just well…

Its not you. its me.

ok. truth is I have met something else.

I just feel it gets me. We really click  in a way that I just never clicked with you. I mean we can be spontaneous & even adventurous & well, its just so uncomplicated & Im just free to explore…well what ever and whom ever I want.

We had a good run you & I. I never said this thing of ours would be forever, and Im not saying I wont be back. its just that for now I’m just better matched with Instagram.

Anyway Blog, you can come & visit me whenever you like over there. I post spontaneous pictures of projects I’m working on, eye candy I see in my travels & often have crap loads of spelling mistakes & bad grammar & punctation because I’m excited in the moment.

Truth be told blog, I always felt you were a bit judgey on my spelling mistakes & bad punctuation.

I hope we can still be friends.

You can come & visit me & Instagram over HERE any time.



Oh & now that I can really be honest. Ive always hated the font that the heading you gave me.



Pottering about

Monday, August 27th, 2012

This morning I was interviewed by a student for her end of year assignment. The questions were mainly all about how I work & my inspiration etc, but one question that she asked was what do I do in my spare time?

Hmm, spare time? I have a vague memory of this concept & something called a life, but it is a distant memory!!

Oh, sounds a bit sad doesn’t it… really its not!  Im pretty happy with what Ive got going on!!!

One thing I have been getting up to all this year is taking a pottery class at Cone 11. And yes, to answer the question you are  thinking (as everyone I tell about the classes automatically asks!)  - it is totally & exactly just like that scene from the movie  Ghost. Un cannily so in fact! The song & everything. The same.

Anyway…moving on.

I loves it! I love getting filthy & filthy I do get. I always come away covered head to toe in clay splatter which just adds to my personal satisfaction! (weirdly no one else in the class gets as splashy messy as me!!!) Im on to my 3rd term now & soon to go on to my 4th.  Which means there is barely a surface in my house that doesnt have a kooky misshapen bowl on it!

Oh, I didn’t yet mention that I am not brilliant at it! My bowls are usually crooked & wot not. No matter, its just so satisfying to make a little sumpin sumpin in my own 2 hands!

This is the studio – located at the Abbotsford convent, & right beside the Collingwood Childrens farm - there is just something special about wandering through the convent grounds that is inspiring!

These are my most recent pieces ready for glazing.

In previous terms I have completely lost my shit when it comes to the glazing. I forget the less is more thing that I rant & rant to my clients, & have made nice simple shapes look weird & just wrong by using multiple colours without having the skills to carry it off!

Case & point:

(not all – but certainly some!)


These are my most recent creations after glazing & firing. Um, so it is meant to be a dinner plate. But as you can see by the forks size, its more of a muffin plate – or at a stretch a toast plate!

and this is a very shallow bowl! Good for soup I suppose!


This one from my first term has turned out to be quite useful – The wonkyness got turned into a small spout which is perfect to rest my tea spoon in! – you know just like it was meant to be!

This isnt the prettiest of shapes & does illustrate the glazing mania I get in!

(Psst – in this pic you can kinda see my silver braille-celet! A recent side project (huh I DO have a life!) of mine that I designed & had it made – it has a message written in braille to me on it!!)


Here is another example of me loosing my shit in a haze of glazing fun! Although I think the splatter is kinda cute!


This gives you a good idea of the scale of my earlier peices! Tiny!  But now I have the perfect place to keep my  eraser! – as you do!!


I could go on, and on. But im sure its a topic that is far more interesting to me than to you! So I will spare you any further examples but at least now I have proof that I DO have a life!

If you want to see some good ceramics – check out my teacher the super lovely Iiona’s work on her website – here. Great stuff & top chick!


Leaving on a Jet plane

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

And just like that - its June. JUNE people! This year is going by in a flash.

Its been a huge year & Im a bit buggered & need a rest.

So, Ive packed my bags, got the house/cat sitter organised & Im hoping on a jet plane & going here:

Vietnam. Its somewhere I have always wanted to go to & so I am!

Im stopping off in Darwin on the way for a few days &  to attend a friends wedding which will be quite an event. Friends are jetting in from all over the world for this one, and its going to be HUGE! So I will definately be needing a bit of R&R afterwards!

I’ll see you on the other side!



Deep in thought

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this last week thinking about knobs.

Oh no not that kind of knob you filthy minx… I’m thinking about cabinetry knobs.

Searching for some decent looking knobs (hey, stop it!) led me to these little numbers. They will look pretty special on some custom cabinetry I’ve got in the works.

For real, they will!

Still thinking about knobs.  This time  door knobs.

Did you know that the majority of door knobs on the market nowadays are pretty ugly?

Fact. (well opinion, but its my blog – so my way!)


Just when you thought I was solely thinking about knobs.  (don’t go there!) I also thought about towel rails.

This squared and simple number will fit perfectly into the bathroom project currently being installed.

As well as all the thinking,  I’ve also been wondering just what was on the mind of the creator of this stained glass window in my clients bathroom?

Hmm. Refer to pic 1?

To break up all the thinking, and all that wondering I do a fair bit of day dreaming too about schemes  I am working on…

So  day dreaming about just how awesome this wallpaper will look on the cathedral shaped ceiling in my clients bedroom. awesome!

And also day dreaming and about this scheme for a living room in an art deco house. so pretty!

So that’s it. Thats what is on my mind of late.

I’ve told you before that I am deep!


A midweek adventure

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

I’m a very lucky girl and this is a wordy post. So be prepared!

I’ll go on, shall I! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being flown up to Sydney and attend an intimate dinner and master-class with chef Tetsuya Wakuda at his world class restaurant, Testsuya’s, courtesy of Electrolux.

The evening started with some bollie in hand and watching Tetsuya whip up some delicious goodies in his beautiful kitchen co-designed with the team from Electrolux.

It’s a kitchen I think few would snub their noses at: A huge carrera marble island bench sits front and centre with kickers set back so it appears to float in the centre of the room. Complete with induction cooktops,  tap-less sinks as to not spoil the clean lines and  an under bench oven.  Topped off  with a very sexy custom made smoked glass exhaust fan overhead,  to vanish the cooking smells (though, they were so good  it wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep them lingering just that wee bit longer!).

Chef Tetsuya whipped us up a variety of delicious things all in front of us on the induction cooktop.  I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit frightened of induction cooktops, as they seemed a little precious and I knew I would be the one to break/scratch/spill/kill it!. But after watching Testsuya, I can see all is fine & they can pump out the goods to create deliciousey things! So I’m on board. I’d even have one myself. They are very energy efficient and the clean lines of them in a kitchen are very apealing.

Whilst chatting with the very nice electrolux people, also accompanying us for dinner, I was very surprised to learn that they manufacture their fridges in country New South Wales and washing machines in Adelaide. Nowadays I honestly just assume everything is manufactured in China. But not everything, which is very cool, and I love them now because of that.

Ok, I also love them because they have made a fridge look so very sexy. Is it possible to feel true deep love for a fridge? Sexy really is the only way to describe it, with its high gloss black acrylic finish.


Above is the fridge with his friends from the Ebony line. So, so pretty.

Oh, and while I am on the bandwagon, also very exciting to find out that the fridge is one of the most energy efficient fridges on the market. We were told that it requires less energy to run than a 40w light globe. But don’t question me on that, because I don’t know the answers!!

After the master class, we sat down to dinner where I was very chuffed to meet the fellow guests at this very intimate dinner: fellow bloggers  Jo of Desire to Inspire (yes,THE blog god!), Lisa of The Red Thread and Jennifer of Inside out colour & design. It was so lovely meeting these lovely ladies!

I’m not going to pretend our chitty-chat was profound, in fact much gossip was spoken, as we pretty much inhaled the 10 very delicious courses!!

As the dishes came, so did the wine. An accompanying glass for each dish. There were 10 dishes. Do you see where I am going with this?!!…

It was a fabulous night and it was really special to meet the fellow bloggers (though as the laziest blogger ever, I can barely call myself one!)

What a great adventure it was! Thank you to Electrolux for inviting me to be a part of it!

Tomorrow is only a day away

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I have a suspicion that mother nature is trying to tell us something? crazy shit happening all over the world.

With all of this going on I need to check out for a bit. So Im jumping on a jet plane and going to Koh Samui in Thailand where I will have a pretty awesome view of the lunar perigee as well as drink many many many cheap beers and rainbow coloured cocktails – and be the receiver of daily massages.

Usually when fella and I travel, we do the budget accommodation thing where we pay extra for the bed bugs. Not this time!

This time we are being a bit fancy & staying in a beach front villa with our own swimming pool.  I cant take any of the credit for the location – we are going with a group of friends for a wedding, some super traveller friends found us all a crazy bargain – 50% off! sweet deal!

Ahh.  So while the world turns, the next 10 days for me will be go a little like this:

I will be spending A LOT of time in this pool – my villas private pool thank you! I plan of rolling out of bed straight into the pool first up to freshen up, cool down,  chill out, sober up  and for every other reason and no reason at all!

In all likeliness there will be a lot of over indulging, so I will do my best to read at least one book -even if I dont take it all in…I will at least turn the pages? (um, I’m hoping there is a comfy sofa or day bed behind that coffee table!)

At least once: because it would be a wasted opportunity to not bathe under the giant moon in my outdoor bath.

Bathroom details ….its pretty picture!!

Its quite probable that I will be found lounging upon these:   a cocktail or 2 in hand, with my posture getting all the more slumpy as the day proceeds!

Watching the sun set from the other resorts swimming pool -this one has a swim up bar. Uh oh – that could be trouble!

AS that cute little orphan Annie sang – “tomorrow, tomorrow its only a dayyyyyy awayyyy.”
Annie Bring it ON!

oh, and mother nature:  I’m listening.


Monday, September 20th, 2010
AND exhale…… and reeeeeelaxxxxxx.
and that’s just what I did. Very easily because I was  here:

Fella & I were very lucky to spend the weekend in the newly renovated cottage ‘the Nest‘ which is smack bang in the bush just outside of Healesville in the Yarra Valley.  Some very lovely and super clever friends of mine, have turned  what was once an old run down, skanky, stinky cottage into a place that is truly special.

An impossible place to not chill out the second you walk through the door. Though I think for me it was the minute I pulled up in the driveway.

This is what I did:

Drank lots of  lovely local wine while cosying up by the fire here:

Ate/scoffed down delicious food while seated here (yep, a detail I thought important to share!)

Inhaled the incredibly fresh and clean air  while spending many an hour admiring the view to the bottom of the garden

Wandered along the river, which is just at the bottom of the garden -um awesome! (psst – this picture perfect stream is real people!)

and just thoroughly enjoyed being the beautiful Australian bush

Kooky fluro coloured trees and all!

But all good things must come to an end – damn you Sunday eve! And now I am home once more in the big smoke, but plotting about how to get back to the super special place. and have gotten myself all stressed out again just plotting my return trip!

Do yourselves a favour Melbourne peoples - The Nest in Healesville is a really special place to be, and I’m sure you are going to hear a whole lot more about it!

Oops. Its been a while.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Aw, poor Designalogue Blog. You are so neglected by your maker. 3 months since my last post. Oops.

I wouldn’t say you have been forgotten about you dear blog…just kinda pushed you to the back of my mind while I got on with other things.  But blog guilt has  finally got to me, and so here I am giving you a bit of the attention that you desire. (Take what you can get!)

So to news of late…

I recently flew up to  Darwin for a few days to work on a project. For those not familiar with Australia’s geography, Darwin is the city up the top & in the middle of Australia where its hot, really hot all the time and they have  a lot of  big bitey things in the water. (of which I saw none – kinda sadly!) My only brush with the interesting nature of the area was accidentally peeing on a sweet little green tree frog. I didn’t realise the little guy was there until it was too late…… but saved in time before the flush! Lesson learned – when in the tropics, check where you are sitting! Even where you are sitting is in a bathroom on the second floor – wee critters like climbing pipes it seems!

Sadly and well, very inconveniently my camera died. As it turns out little snappy cameras cant handle being dropped on the floor after about 110 times. Up till that last drop, I swear it was totally fine. Life without a camera on hand to snap away is a bit sad. The camera in my Iphone  just doesnt cut it. So until a new camera comes  my way…will my vague descriptions of things work on a design based blog?

Im thinking not.

So no pictures to share of interesting things in Darwin. But hopefully  I will have got around to getting myself a new camera by my next trip up in a few months time. Maybe  then we can have a slide night?

As this is a design based blog, I cant leave this post without a picture or two – so thought I would share some chairs that I recently had re upholstered for a client:

Before – needing a bit of zhoosh!


& after….

They are part of a project that is coming along so beautifully & I cant wait to share it… but all in good time!

On my travels…

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

On my sourcing travels this week I came across these brilliant tiles:

Above:ends of small of wood

& below sections of bamboo

Brilliant. Though admitedly their brilliance may be lost on you due to my crap photos. So just trust me?!

Now, who will let me use these in their house?