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Dear Designalogue…

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Oh hi Designalogue blog.

Its been a while hasn’t it.

Yeah, sorry I haven’t returned your prompting emails. I’ve been really busy with work & stuff & well…

Its not that I don’t like you anymore. I do. I really do & I think of you often.You have been such a great support to me over the years & introduced me to some really great & interesting people around the world.

Its just, its just well…

Its not you. its me.

ok. truth is I have met something else.

I just feel it gets me. We really click  in a way that I just never clicked with you. I mean we can be spontaneous & even adventurous & well, its just so uncomplicated & Im just free to explore…well what ever and whom ever I want.

We had a good run you & I. I never said this thing of ours would be forever, and Im not saying I wont be back. its just that for now I’m just better matched with Instagram.

Anyway Blog, you can come & visit me whenever you like over there. I post spontaneous pictures of projects I’m working on, eye candy I see in my travels & often have crap loads of spelling mistakes & bad grammar & punctation because I’m excited in the moment.

Truth be told blog, I always felt you were a bit judgey on my spelling mistakes & bad punctuation.

I hope we can still be friends.

You can come & visit me & Instagram over HERE any time.



Oh & now that I can really be honest. Ive always hated the font that the heading you gave me.



Re-Love stool update

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Re-Love Feast Watson project Stool update!

My stool is now up for Ebay auction! All proceeds raised go to the Salvos Stores – so a worthy cause!

Click here for the eBay link while it lasts

& Ive told you Im the worst photographer in the world – dont these studio pictures just look much better that mine!

Re-Loving – the end result

Monday, April 1st, 2013

You may remember (or even just scroll down a bit to see my previous post on the subject!) that I was invited to be one of 9 fellow designers & bloggers to participate in the Feast Watson Re-love project. Well, I finished. Its all done! To refresh your hazy minds – I accepted the challenge to give a piece of furniture some Re-loving using some Feast Watson products to do just that! I chose this wee stool as it was a nice & simple shape, small enough that I could manageably takle its overhaul easily enough myself &  small enough to easily transport it around to those who I managed to rope in to assist me in the transformation!

Here tis BEFORE some re-loving was applied:

Still before…

So on with the transformation….

I selected from the Feast Watson range Black Japan stain & varnish. I wanted the timber frame to have a bit of depth of colour that the Black Japan offers. Its not a heavy black, like a paint black – its a murky dark dark almost black with a tinge of walnut (yeah – i’ll stick with that as a colour description!)

Next I coyly sent an email to the lovely people at Signature Prints & explained the project to them & what I was planning. They were very happy to get on board with the project & donate some fabric for me to use! woohoo! After feeling a bit like a kid in a candy shop as I had so SO many gorgeous goodies to choose from, I selected one of my favorite from the Florence Broadhurst fabric range- Aubrey on a cotton base cloth in black & white.

Here are all of the goodies together all ready for me to get cracking!

Get cracking I did! I roped in my clever friend Nicko in to assist in the transformation. To be fair he wasn’t given too much of a choice about his participation!! Its true that I may have basically just told him of his participation -but as he is like my brother from another mother- I felt I could get away with it!! Also he has a shed, and lots of boy toy tools, and loves doing this kind of thing -that boy loves a project! He sanded & got it prepped & ready for me to stain.

The stools existing proportions reminded me a little too much of a Star Wars At-At walker (google it!) & as I was planning on altering the shape of the upholstered section, the existing legs length would’ve looked even more out of proportion. So whilst in the care of Nicko with his tool shed, he cut down the legs by a few centimetres. Much better!

Usually when I am sourcing or designing a piece of furniture for a project that I am working on I need to take into account everything else that is going on in the room so it fits into the space with continuity & balance – thats my job! But as I dont know where this piece will end up, it gave me a bit of design freedom to play with & try something a little different for this lil solo stool!  So from out of the depths of my closet came my old sewing machine. Its been a while between sewing sessions. In fact Im not even sure that this machine that Ive had for about 10 years has ever even sewn on fabric! – its been pretty much solely used on paper party invitations!! (yeah thats a thing – I love a good party invite!)   I took this sewing selfie!  - you know proof that I was doing it & all that!!

The plan was just to embroider a small section of the fabric pattern & give it a lil sumpin with the copper thread. This picture shows early progress – I’m sure you can see where Im going with this!

Right, so on with the staining… Nicko had graciously sanded the stool back & prepped it ready to stain.  So easy! Brush on & whamo – it changes right before your eyes!! Here tis after just one coat of the Feast Watson Black Japan.

Two coats was all it needed!

Lets just take a moment to look at this corner of Nicko’s man shed – work bench with neatly organised man shed kinda containers all stacked up. He is a perfectionist – just the man to have you assist on a DIY job!!

Next step was off to visit my upholsterer Wayne who also kindly donated his services to this project!

This picture is purely just to show off Waynes factory! See all the -stuff! I love visiting my suppliers factories! I love seeing where stuff gets turned into excellent stuff – its inspiring!! We decided to alter the shape of the upholstered top to a cushion top. I like the proportions better this way & think its a better fit for the design of the stool & the does more justice to the gorgeous fabric pattern.

Next up & finally: I wanted the stool to just have another little bit of special! So I visited my super clever friends Chris & Tim at Lump who also agreed to make a wee sumpin for this project out of some copper bits they had on hand. (its very handy having clever friends I tell you!) I just love the contrast of a dark stain with a copper pop. You may remember the kitchen I designed last year with a copper kicker? Looksee here .

So finally here tis. The finished result:

and here be a detail of the embroidery.

Im quite happy with the end result & I think it will look quite gorgeous in someones home!

The plan now is that my wee stool as well as the 8 other pieces that are part of the re-love project are going to be auctioned off on Ebay with the moolah raised going to a really great & very worthy cause – the Salvos Stores.  Click here for more info on the Ebay auctions & feel free to bid to give this lil fella a happy home!

Special thank yous to the following peoples for their help on this project:

Nicko of his own domain! & of course Anna for just finding it amusing that I boss her husband around!

Helen & Gemma at Signature Prints

Wayne at Edgeworks Upholstery

Chris & Tim at Lump Sculpture Studio

Its been a fun & satisfying project to be a part of – so thank you Feast Watson for inviting me to be a part of it!



So this happened

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I was rather chuffed to hear the news this week that I had a won a award for 2 of my projects in the inaugural Your Future Home Green Interiors Awards!

I won 2 of the categories!

One for my bamboo bathroom project:


& the second for my bamboo kitchen project


The major sponsor & one of the judges was Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict had some particularly lovely words to say about my projects:

“Camilla Molders so impressed us that she won both the kitchen and bathroom categories. These rooms in her Elwood project made great use of bamboo, a renewable and durable material. It also looks fantastic and gives the kitchen and bathroom a much warmer feel than you’d usually expect. I loved the handmade Australian tiles and the environmentally friendly paint choices too.”

Well, isnt that a bit nice!

More on Your Future Home here.





New beginnings

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

2011, Happy to be done with you!

2012, we are going to get along real well.

A nice way for me to start the year off to a good start was to see my work featured on the HGTV blog in a story on their ‘favourite bright, bold bathrooms’

Camilla Molders Design

Thank you HGTV for featuring my work on your blog!

And so for the new year

I’m really excited for the year ahead. I’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline and after a few days of chilling out, I am itching to get back into my work. But as I am working on evening up the work/ Life balance thing, I’ve got a few travel adventures planned and some personal creative projects too. So all looking to be a productive year!

Oh, and also I am going to aim to be more regular with my blog posts. I’m never going to be an every day blogger (how - HOW do people do that!) but I will give myself the aim to blog of atleast twice a week. OK… maybe just once a week!

so, we’ll soon see- watch this space!




Obligatory horse picture for cup day

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Its cup day today here in Melbourne town.

In past years (yep, Designalogue has been around for years!) I have put some effort into the horsey theme & found lots of pictures featuring horses in interiors… I haven’t gone out searching very far this year, and well, I’m even kind of cheating a bit as I am just showing a picture of my own living room – badly photographed… but it does have a horse!

Camilla Molders Design

See. A horse that is made of crap loads of horses!

Camilla Molders Design

This picture will give you a much better look-see at my fabulous ponies!

It was very cleaverly created by one half of the Design Crisis clever duo – Karly Hand.  She did a limited print run of 30,  so I was very quick to make one of these mine – ALL MINE!

and so I did & we will live happily ever after!


If you are feeling ripped off by my lack of enthusiasm for this years race – you can have a look at horsey stuff I have done in past years here on the blog:

here, here, here, some more here, and then I did this one, and finally that.



Aw thanks Jo!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

What a nice surprise to come across in my rather back logged RSS feed!

The super lovely Jo (who is in my opinion the blog god) of Desire to Inspire gave me a very lovely shout out for my House & Garden top 50 rooms feature on her Desire to Inspire! Thanks Jo!

I was very lucky to meet Jo earlier in the year when we were both invited to Sydney courtesy of Electrolux to have a very fine dinner at Testusyas. I loved her instantly! We giggled like teenagers & drank alot of wine. A. LOT!  Was a very fun evening!

Some pictures of the delicious food we ate are over on my CMD facebook page -here

& also, the on line gallery of the House & Garden top 50 rooms is here.


Ok. I think I’ve plugged my feature enough now….even I’M bored with it now!!!!


Happy eye candy

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Reality design TV shows have made me cringe at the words ‘wow factor‘. When I hear it used  my face automatically contorts to look like I’ve just sucked on a lemon.

Just saying. I’m a sharer.

Anyway, that aside: this room makes me happy.

The green curtains are whats doing it for me. Contrast with the deep grey walls it makes me make an audible sigh that I don’t know the right word for, but its my ‘happy eye candy noise!’

I’m not entirely convinced about the chandelier though.

But I would like to sit in those chairs & snack on what looks like the largest bowl of salad I’ve ever seen!


I’ve lost track of whose work this is, but image found through My Favourite and my best.


My kinda beautiful

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Ah. This is my kinda beautiful.

The colours, textures and balance are the biz. I could live here.

This loveliness is the work of Robert Courturier who I came across on one of my favourites in the  blogosphere  - Design Crisis.



Aww, thats my boy!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I swear to you that I ain’t no stage mother – rather just a proud mother of a furry son!

My boy hit the design world big time today – featuring on the Desire to Inspire – Pets on furniture post.

Um, ignoring the fact that to be included on such a post all you have to do is email in a picture of said pet on furniture – I’m a proud mumma of my lazy boy!