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CMD project – warehouse happenings

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

I’m pretty excited to share with you the results of a recent photo shoot with the excellent Martina Gemmola of one of my recent projects.

I’ve shared some of this project before. You can looksee here for what Im talking about or a refresher!


Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Interior Design Melbourne

Still some finishing details for this project to come -I have custom designed a rug for the living room (can not wait to see it!) and some cool furniture for the entrance too. Its been an exciting project to be involved with as its such a unique space.

Kudos to the architect on this project Robert Miles who designed really great bones for this space. I’d like to think our interior designs & finish choices have enhanced his original vision!

Re-Love stool update

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Re-Love Feast Watson project Stool update!

My stool is now up for Ebay auction! All proceeds raised go to the Salvos Stores – so a worthy cause!

Click here for the eBay link while it lasts

& Ive told you Im the worst photographer in the world – dont these studio pictures just look much better that mine!

Deep in thought

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this last week thinking about knobs.

Oh no not that kind of knob you filthy minx… I’m thinking about cabinetry knobs.

Searching for some decent looking knobs (hey, stop it!) led me to these little numbers. They will look pretty special on some custom cabinetry I’ve got in the works.

For real, they will!

Still thinking about knobs.  This time  door knobs.

Did you know that the majority of door knobs on the market nowadays are pretty ugly?

Fact. (well opinion, but its my blog – so my way!)


Just when you thought I was solely thinking about knobs.  (don’t go there!) I also thought about towel rails.

This squared and simple number will fit perfectly into the bathroom project currently being installed.

As well as all the thinking,  I’ve also been wondering just what was on the mind of the creator of this stained glass window in my clients bathroom?

Hmm. Refer to pic 1?

To break up all the thinking, and all that wondering I do a fair bit of day dreaming too about schemes  I am working on…

So  day dreaming about just how awesome this wallpaper will look on the cathedral shaped ceiling in my clients bedroom. awesome!

And also day dreaming and about this scheme for a living room in an art deco house. so pretty!

So that’s it. Thats what is on my mind of late.

I’ve told you before that I am deep!


Spanish eye candy

Friday, October 14th, 2011

While trawling through my many bookmarked blogs I came accross this apartment that I  just wanted to move straight into.

thanking  The Designer Pad for this eye candy

(originals from Elle Decor Spain)



OK, so swap the Hessian upholstery for some linen, get rid of the black board wall (never been a fan – chalk dust = sneezy) & its just about perfect for me to move right in. I’m sure the current residents wont mind!

Conversations with creative women

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Every couple of months on a Saturday morning I take myself off somewhere in the city for a meeting of creative women. There is no freaky ritual or special hand shake required for entry – its just a room full of women who have creative businesses, there for the purpose of listening to another creative chick talk about the trials & tribulations of her business.

As I am a solo operator in my business,  I find it so inspiring to hear other peoples stories. Having your own business is hard – really hard ( & yes.. also awesome!) so hearing how other people manage really helps!

The meeting is the Creative Women’s Circle and is run & all organised by the very clever & super lovely Tess McCabe.

Tess is one of those people who always seem to be doing something or going somewhere interesting! I dont think she sits still much!

Her latest project has been to write a book – Converstations with Creative Women.  Im guessing you worked out from the title that its not a murder mystery or drama…its simply conversations with creative women!

I’ve pre ordered my copy already & really look forward getting my hands upon (um, I’m hoping an autographed copy!)

You can get yours here

Do it. seriously!

And spread the word! Tess has created this book all on her own – including marketing. Its a big job!


My kinda beautiful

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Ah. This is my kinda beautiful.

The colours, textures and balance are the biz. I could live here.

This loveliness is the work of Robert Courturier who I came across on one of my favourites in the  blogosphere  - Design Crisis.



Saturday, July 9th, 2011

If I had a first born child –  I would exchange it for this house.

Too much?!


Schmidt Architecture via Yellow Trace

Get windy

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I just came across these super cool wind turbines by Phillippe Stark.

I want one.

Just saying.

Available in Australia here.

Crystal clever

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I just spied this over at HD Inspirations Blog and felt the need to on share the cleverness:  Real crystal decanters used  as pendant lighting at the Conquine Bar in London.

Just goes to show pretty much anything can be made into an awesome light fitting!


Thursday, December 10th, 2009

While the worlds powers that be twiddle their thumbs and play the blame game in at the the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently happening in Copenhagen,  the bear is melting.

Over the corse of a week, the Ice bear in Copenhagen’s Nytorv square will melt leaving a bronzed skeleton and a pool of water.

The Ice bear is the work of sculptor Mark Coreth stands at 1.8 metres tall – the same size as the average thickness of the floating sea ice in the Arctic ocean.

Quite a genius way to get the message across I think!

In other news – this Saturday here in Melbourne town is the Walk against Warming.

If you are in Melbourne town, come join me, the fella & tens of thousands of others at 12pm to wander from the Stare Library down Swanston Street to the Princess Bridge where we will make a human sign and send our message to the polies that we want action on Climate Change.

That is all!